Broadband Only Deals

If you are looking for a home broadband provider that does “broadband-only”  without a landline – then hopefully we can help you with our comparison of Broadband Only Deals in Ireland.

But – as you will see below – it can sometimes work out cheaper to get the phone line and calls bundled in with the broadband.

These days – with video streaming and various apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook – more and more people don’t bother with a landline or expensive TV subscriptions .

As long as there is decent broadband WiFi in your house – you should be able to watch on-demand movies and catch up TV on various online services. You can also use the home WiFi on your mobile devices to communicate with people in Ireland and all over the world.

Most broadband providers say you have to have a phone line to get broadband. For most locations in Ireland you will need a standard “eircom” phone line connection in order to get broadband – unless you are using Virgin Media or Satellite Broadband

Best Broadband Only Deals :

The total prices shown below are for the first year only – and include any installation fees and equipment charges and also include any promotional discounts for new customers.
Figures include any setup costs and were checked on November 1st 2020 .
Some broadband providers may not be available in your area – and some of the higher speeds will only be available in certain areas.


Cost in 1st Year 
Normal Monthly ChargeMax
Data Limit
Prices November 2020

These annual prices include any installation fees and equipment charges.

Vodafone price is reduced to €30 for the first 12 months
Pure Telecom price reduced to €35 for the first 12 months
Sky price reduced to €35 for 12 months
Virgin Price reduced to €50 for the first12 months.

You can check current broadband availability in your neighbourhood and even order your new broadband online at the excellent Switcher website

Cheaper Broadband and Phone Bundles

There are a few broadband and phone bundles available that work out cheaper or almost as cheap as some of these standalone “broadband-only” deals. If you can get free phone calls to landlines plus broadband for a similar price than just broadband on it’s own , you may as well go for it. It will also result in friends and family with landlines being able to phone you for less on your landline.

For Example:

Vodafone has a broadband and phone bundle priced at €360 for the first year. With broadband speeds of up to 100Mb  and unlimited downloads ( 1 Tb fair usage cap) and unlimited anytime calls to Irish landlines. Vodafone’s bundle costs €55 a month (reduced to €30 a month for the first 12 months). It is a 12-month contract only available online . You can find more details and switch to this Vodafone bundle at

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