Bord Gais Confirm 12% Electricity Price Increase

Bord Gáis have confirmed they are increasing  residential electricity prices in Ireland by 12 %t from August 1st.    Bord Gais currently has around 435,000 residential electricity customers  – many of those will have switched from ESB in the past year to get lower prices.
The price rise  will add about  €120 a year to the average  Bord Gais electricity bill.

Bord Gais customers may think that they are getting the lowest price Electricity at the moment – but they may have missed out on the recent news of price drops by ESB – Electric Ireland which means that ESB are the cheapest supplier.  Bord Gais customers should be thinking of switching back to ESB – Electric Ireland .  ESB customers need to contact ESB to get moved to the lower rates – it is not automatic and will involve signing for Direct Debit and ebilling to get the lowest rates.

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5 thoughts on “Bord Gais Confirm 12% Electricity Price Increase

  1. Are there any term requirement with Bord Gais? I seem to remember that there weren’t when I signed up (around November), but I’m not 100% certain.

    What are the odds of ESB following them though…

    • It was Airtricity who had that 1 year contract – or a €100 fee to break it.
      It won’t be long before ESB and Airtricity put up prices – but who will be the cheapest then. There probablywon’t be much of a difference. If they spent less on advertising maybe they could lower the prices a bit?

  2. Thanks MSE, reckon I’ll wait a few weeks, see what happens.

    Airtricity’s spend on capture must be massive. My decision to leave them was driven partly by an intense dislike created by the constant harrying at my front door, the supermarket, etc. And the dire customer service of course…


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