BOI ATMs not Working

There are reports that Bank of Ireland’s cash machines are not working.
Today is the day that Eric Cantona (yes the ex footballer)  called for everyone to withdraw all their cash from the banks. Maybe BOI can’t cope ?

It turns out that there is a major problem with the computer system at BOI . It probably means that until it is fixed that BOI customers will not be able to get cash at any ATM (even othe Banks) – they may also have problems with Laser card payments in shops.
Apparently – there were long queues at BOI cash machines after reports that they were dishing out money even though customers knew there was nothing in their accounts !

Bank of Ireland confirmed “that  an unforeseen technical issue has impacted some of our operating systems this morning and our telephone and online banking services are currently unavailable.”

“All branches are open and operating as normal but with a temporary restricted cash service. All ATMs are operating normally but with a restricted cash service for Bank of Ireland cardholders.”
Some customers may be unable to conduct point-of-sale transactions but Bank of Ireland credit card transactions are unaffected.”