Bin Charges Compared

With all the various bin collection companies in Dublin these days there are bins out on some streets every day.  Hopefully competition in the bin collection market will eventually mean better service and lower prices for everyone . We have taken a look at the bin charges in the Dublin area to see who  is the cheapest. Not all the bin companies cover all areas – so you will need to check with them to see if they will pick up bins in your street.
Some of the bin companies only give prices to people who make specific enquiries – and the price will depend on where you live .

In the Dublin area these are the prices we found online for bin collections in April 2013.
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City Bins – seemed to be the cheapest . They charged  €15 per month which covers 26 collections of black and green bins .(€180 a year). They also have the option of paying a  €59 annual service charge plus €6.50 per lift  (18 lifts = €176)

Oxigen : Charge €220 a year for 26 lifts (Black and Green bin) –   Or €60 Service Charge plus €8.85 per lift  (For 18 lifts that would be  €219.30)

Thorntons charge €50 service charge and €8.50 per lift – so 26 lifts = €271

Panda: Charge a €110 service charge plus €8.75 per lift in Fingal (26 lifts = €327.50)
€64 service charge plus €3.20 per lift in Dun Laoghaire(26 lifts = €147.20)

Greyhound  – They say they give everyone an individual price. One option is €100 service charge plus €7 per lift. (26 lifts = €282). Another option offered is  a flat rate of €19 a month for 26 bin collections .(€250 for a year)

Prices change all the time – so really it is best to just ring 3 or 4 companies and get a quote in writing.

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