Which Banks Use Apple Pay in Ireland ?

Apple Pay is a method of paying for things using an Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Apple Mac. It is known as a digital wallet – you store your card details on the device then use the device to pay rather than the actual card itself.

In shops, you hold the phone or device over a contactless reader, but unlike contactless cards, where the payment goes through straight away, with Apple Pay, you put your finger on the Touch ID sensor on your phone or double-click the side button on your watch.

The money comes out of the same bank account as if you used the physical card.

Apple says that using Apple Pay is safer than using a plastic debit or credit card because every Apple Pay transaction requires authentication with Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode.

Apple Pay has been available in Ireland since March 2017 – most banks now work with Apple Pay after Bank of Ireland and PTSB finally added it in late 2020.

Financial Institutions that issue debit or credit cards in Ireland that can be used with Apple Pay (Correct as of Dec 2021)

  • An Post Current Account
  • Allied Irish Bank
  • Bank of Ireland
  • Bunq
  • Curve
  • Credit Union Current Accounts
  • N26
  • PTSB
  • Revolut
  • WISE

Cards issued in Ireland by the following institutions CANNOT be used with Apple Pay

  • EBS

N26 is a new European fully licensed online bank  . More about N26 here.

Revolut is a UK based electronic money institution that provides a prepaid MasterCard.  More about Revolut .

WISE is a free “Borderless ” multi currency account ” that comes with a UK account ,a Euro account with an IBAN. Australian and US Dollar accounts also available . Good exchange rates and low fees.

Apple Pay spending limits :

The contactless limit in Ireland is €50 – However, Apple Pay will allow contactless transactions over €50, provided the available balance or credit limit exists. You will need to authorise every transaction by Touch ID or your passcode.  Although – there may be some shops where the contactless terminal may not allow transactions above €50.

Using Apple Pay

If you have a card that is Apple Pay “ready” – you can just you add your credit, debit, or prepaid card to your Apple Wallet on your device. Remember to add your cards to any device that you want to use with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay will work on any iPhone 6 and above in stores and in apps. It also works on iPad Air 2, iPad Pro or iPad mini 3 and 4 to let you use Apple Pay in apps.

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Bank Charges for using Apple Pay

The charges for using your bank card through Apple Pay will be the same as if you used the card contactlessly itself. Only Ulster Bank and Bank of Ireland make a charge of 1 cent for contactless payments in stores.

Your bank will charge their usual card fees for Apple Pay purchases in non-Euro currencies.
See Non Euro Card Charges Here

If you use Apple Pay  “in App” to pay for something online – then your bank will also apply their normal card transaction fee.

See more here about bank charges in Ireland

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