Anti Austerity March in Dublin

Thousands of demonstrators have today (24th Nov) marched through central Dublin in a protest against austerity measures. Official Garda estimates suggest between 8,000 and 10,000 joined the rally.

A rider on horseback in white mask and black cape depicting Death led the parade, while the horse had a “no to austerity” banner round its neck.

Michael O’Reilly, president of the Dublin Council of Trade Unions (DCTU) spoke to the protestors and said people wanted to send a message to the government that neither society nor the economy can afford another austerity Budget on December 5 .

He said – “The evidence is clear – you cannot cut your way out of a recession. On the contrary: with each cut in public spending, and with each euro taken out of the pockets of low and average earners in new or increased taxes, we are digging ourselves further into a hole.”

The DCTU are already planning another demonstration outside the Dail on the day of the Budget.

“We need to play our part in the growing movement of resistance across Europe,” said Richard Boyd Barrett TD  and member of  pressure group People Before Profit. “And we have to bring this government down if they continue with this disastrous policy of austerity.”

Members of Sinn Fein and the Socialist Party were also among the protest, which was organised by the DCTU and the Campaign Against Household and Water Charges.