Amazon provides some good News for Irish customers

With the latest Budget looming – there is some good news for shoppers here in Ireland – but maybe not so good for Irish businesses.
Amazon UK has dropped almost all restrictions on goods that they will deliver to Ireland. Up until the start of this week – Irish residents could only buy Cds, DVDs and books on the Amazon UK Site. Without any publicity that we could see – Amazon have removed almost all restrictions. The only items not delivered in Ireland now are mobile phones, Toys/Games ,TVs and items over 30kg.

This change will mean that thousands of people will be now using Amazon for purchasing things like Xbox consoles, Wii consoles, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Laptops,  SatNav, Ipods etc etc. The prices on Amazon are usually significantly lower than prices in Ireland and lower than many other online shops that deliver to Ireland. With the weak sterling (currently around  worth just €1.10 ) making prices even more attractive for us here in the Eurozone.

The delivery charges are not excessive either  – see here for full list of Amazon Delivery Rates to Ireland.  For example an Xbox console and a digital camera – delivery is just under £8 GBP.

Get looking at the savings over at the Amazon UK web site.
(NB – Irish VAT is added at checkout – so the final price you pay  is about 5% more than the price listed – but they are still good prices)