All Property Tax Letters Now Issued

The  Chairman of the Revenue Commissioners, Josephine Feehily – today announced that all the Local Property Tax forms and letters have now been sent out . She also revealed that they also realise that many thousands of liable property owners will not have recieved an LPT form.

Forms (online and in the post) have been issued in respect of  1.6 million homes – but the government’s own figures state there are 1.99 million residential properties in Ireland.
Dept of Finance figures estimate that  there are  about 120,000 Local authority houses and   27,000 approved housing body houses .  If we assume that these haven’t been sent letters  – that still leaves 1,843,000 private properties that should be getting forms. Based on these figures it appears that as many as 243,000 properties may not have had forms for the LPT.

Ms  Feehily also said that “it is important that I take this opportunity to remind property owners that they are liable for local property tax even if revenue hasn’t contacted them.”

Owners who have not been sent an LPT1 form can contact Revenue to ask for one . Contact Details Here