All Electricity Bills to Increase by €12.16 a year from October

Every household’s annual  electricity bill will have an extra €12.16 a year added on from October 2016. Bills will go up by this amount regardless of how much electricity you use.The increase is because of another rise in the PSO Levy  (Public Service Organisation Levy) –  that is charged to cover the higher costs of peat and renewable energy.
The amount we pay for the PSO levy is to be increased from from €68.30 to €80.36 (including VAT) from Oct 1st 2016
As you will see from previous articles on the PSO Levy – after this increase  it will have has risen from €19.33 in 2011 to €70.80 in 2016 (ex VAT) .

This levy is imposed by the Government on all electricity customers regardless of their supplier and is shown as a separate item on electricity bills.  It is designed to recover the additional costs associated with electricity from specified sources of generation, including sustainable, renewable and indigenous sources.

The PSO levy is set by the Commission for Energy Regulation on 1st October every year.

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1 thoughts on “All Electricity Bills to Increase by €12.16 a year from October

  1. This is a complete rip off, in the UK this is included in the suppliers prices, paid for by the supplier and still electricty bills are far lower than Ireland particularly in rural areas.

    It seems the sky is the limit with this levy!

    So called ‘green energy’ is expensive and its very debatable if renewables will do anything to tackle so called ‘global warming’ – the existence of which is also debatable.

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