AIB Increasing Transaction Charges

Allied Irish Bank (AIB)  increased their banking transaction fees from August 31st 2013 – for personal and business customers.
The rule on avoiding  fees by keeping a balance in your AIB account of at least €2500 remains the same – but AIB customers who don’t manage to keep that much in their account will see charges rise on most transactions. The €4.50 quarterly maintenance charge remains the same.

Here is a summary of the changes to fees on personal current accounts at AIB from Aug 31st 2013:

ATM and AIB Cash & Cheque Lodgement Machine Transactions  Increased from 20c to 35c

Paper/Staff Assisted Transactions increased from 30c to 39c

Lodgement in another bank  : Was 30c increased to 39c

Cheque/Draft  Lodgements  -a new charge of 20c

These increases came only a few days after Bank of Ireland announced increases to their bank charges from August 19th  with no way to avoid some sort of  fee – see  BOI Charges For All

The AIB  fees are calculated quarterly on the last working Friday of February, May, August and November. Fees are charged to customer accounts in March, June,September and December

See our summary of Current Account Bank Charges in Ireland

4 thoughts on “AIB Increasing Transaction Charges

    • PTSB might be short of cash – and they might want to start increasing charges too in the future.

      • Well I see that there are 2 options. Either move to another bank which has a better deal(For the moment) or just stay with your current bank and let them rip you off. Irish people just don’t change banks often enough compared to other countries. If they did banks might think twice about increasing charges willy nilly.

      • You are right Brendan – it’s like political parties , people stick with the same banks no matter what they do to them.

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