AIB Customers Hit With Bank Charges

AIB announced their new rules on current account charges back in May this year  – but because the charges are applied quarterly – it is only now that customers are starting to see the charges on their accounts. Most customers will have had fees deducted on 16th September – and several will see fees totalling as much as €50 or €60 . If your AIB account drops below a balance of €2500 at any time in the quarter – you will be charged fees for the whole quarter .

Details of AIB Charges Here .

There isn’t much choice in Ireland if you want fee free banking without any tricky terms and conditions. Only Ulster Bank do free banking for all current accounts (In Credit) . See more details of Current Account Charges in Ireland

2 thoughts on “AIB Customers Hit With Bank Charges

  1. got the letter a week ago and will be charged on the 17th.
    60 Euro for my wife and me… AIB even called us both a few days later, kind of a outbound phone campaign to see if we are happy. we told in a friendly way that poor girl who made the call that after 7 years being AIB customer they can go to hell.
    We opened PTSB accounts within 2 days, service is super and in worst case we pay 48 Euro a year on fees, but I am pretty sure they way we use it it will be free.

    I guess many people will act like me, its a bit a effort to change banks but it pays !

  2. im sure taht all thE AIB managers have fee free banking and getting paid thousnds a week thats sad

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