AIB and BOI Raise Mortgage Rates

As expected – following rate increases from EBS and PTSB – the 2 “main” banks in Ireland have jumped on the bandwagon and increased variable mortgage rates.

Bank of Ireland increased their rate  by 0.45 % to 3.49 %.
ICS (BOI broker arm) has increased its rate by 0.6 % to 3.64 %

AIB has increased variable mortgage rates by 0.5% (SVR rises from 2.75 % to 3.25 %
That equates to an increase of  18%

These increases follow similar rises by EBS – who increased its rate by 0.6 %, up from 3.23 % to 3.83 %.  Permanent TSB  also rose rates  this month by 0.5 per cent to 4.19 %

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