Electricity Deal From Electric Ireland Extended

A bit of competition is usually good for consumers- and in the past few weeks we saw  a mini price war in the Irish Electricity market.  First we had the group marketing company OneBigSwitch getting it’s members who switched their electricity to Bord Gais  an €80 credit on their account after 12 months.
Then Energia announced a promotional discount code “DUAL” that gave new customers an extra 1% off their already low gas and electricity rates.  (Expired 17th April)

Electric Ireland  came back with a “cashback” offer of €50 for new electricity customers. This deal  was originally available until 30th April  – but has now been extended to May 18th.  You have to sign up for electricity only with direct debit and ebilling.  For someone using the average 5300kwH a year – this would bring the total electricity bill for 12 months to €1008 – which is now the lowest price available .
The Electric Ireland cashback will be credited to your 1st or second bill – unlike the OneBigSwitch deal where you had to wait for 1 full year to get it. If you leave within 12 months you will have to pay a €50 penalty.

So – for now this is the best deal on Electricity in Ireland . See our page on  Electricity Price Comparison to see other companies prices and how much you can save.

This all reminds me of that bit in a Father Ted episode when Fr Purcell ”  the most boring priest in the world”  was telling Fr Jack about how ….

“…we run the gas off the electricity and the electricity off the gas and we save 200 a year! But then a few weeks later – God, I’ll never forget it, now – we got a new boiler.
Ted :  ” All right, Fathers?”
Jack ” – HELP ME! ”
Fr Purcell “Hello, Ted.- I was telling Father Jack about the thing there last year.”
Ted  “- How did you fare with yours? ”
Fr Purcell “- I don’t know Because you know, they have no morals and no respect for human life. But what they do have, and no one can deny this, they have the finest collection of boilers in the world.
And I include Canada in that.”