Welfare Payment Arrangements for Easter 2020

Over the Easter holidays there are usually some changes to welfare benefit and state pension payment arrangements.

Now that all weekly welfare payments have moved to fortnightly – only half the payments will be affected by Easter closures. State Pensions for example will not be affected by Easter closures this year (2020)

Read more here about the change to fortnightly pension and welfare payments

Post Offices will be open until 1pm on Good Friday 10th April 2020.
Post Offices will be closed on Saturday 11th April and Easter Monday 13th

Banks will be closed on Friday 10th April and Monday 13th April 2020.

Social Welfare Payments collected at a Post Office 

Welfare have said that the new Pandemic Unemployment Payment is NOT affected by this but it looks like some people will get it in their banks on Friday 10th. (Probably depends on your bank)

  • Payments normally due on Tuesday can be collected from Monday 6th April (Not Child Benefit)
  • Payments normally due on Wednesday 8th April 2020 can be collected from Tuesday 7th April
  • Payments normally due on Thursday  9th April 2020 can be collected from Wednesday 8th April.
  • Payments normally due on Friday 10th April 2020 April can be collected from Thursday 9th April.
  • Welfare said that payments normally due on Monday 13th April could be collected from Thursday 9th April. But this didn’t happen and they will now be available on Fri 10th (Post offices close at 1pm)
  • Payments on Tue 14th should be paid as normal

Remember all payments are now fortnightly so not all payments will be affected.

Payments made directly to a bank account

  • Payments due on Tuesday 7th April 2020 are expected to be paid on Mon 6th April
  • Payments due on Wednesday 8th April are expected to be paid on Tue 7th April
  • Payments due on Thursday 9th April are expected to be paid on 8th April .
  • Payments due on Friday 10th April should be paid on Thursday 9th April.
  • Payments due on Monday 13th April should be paid on Thursday 9th April 2020 but we have heard that they might be later than that.
  • Payments due on Tue 14th should be paid as normal

The new Pandemic Unemployment Payment is NOT affected by this but some people may get it in their bank accounts on Friday 10th.

Casual Jobseeker payments

Cheques for 7th April (JA) and 8th April (JB) will issue on Thursday 9th April.
Bank Payments due on Tuesday 14th April will be paid on Wednesday 15th April 2020

More about Bank Holidays in Ireland

and Workers Rights on Public Holidays

142 thoughts on “Welfare Payment Arrangements for Easter 2020

  1. CB should be unchanged – paid on Tuesday . (Don’t blame us if it isn’t 🙂 )

  2. The last bank holiday child benefit was pd into bank on the fri/Sat

  3. Are you with Bank Of Ireland? It seems their customers get it earlier on Bank Holiday weekends because Welfare use BOI.
    Early payment is not certain for everyone .

  4. You won’t get a payment next week – so don’t get carried away. (They should have told you.)

  5. I think you are talking about UK payments… this article is about payments in Ireland.

  6. €5 a week for anyone on the full amount . If you are on reduced amount for any reason – you will not get the full €5)

    • That’s for your answer ..is not one what I was expecectid…I still dont understated why we are trit different.I mean if I taxe a reduction amount I should not get the same like everyone.it really frustrating..but this is Ireland we pay taxes for nothing.

  7. It might be available in some banks on Saturday (BOI more likely) – but not guaranteed . Just best to assume Tuesday – and anything earlier is a bonus.

  8. —————————————————

    We will no longer reply to questions that are answered in the article above.
    Please read it before you ask a question because it seems some people are just not bothering to read before they ask or can’t be bothered to check a calendar.

    Thank You

  9. I thought we were getten double week to arrow now with Easter and p. O not opened will it be 3 wks money or single wk 2maro n double wk nxt wk I’m just confused, if u cud get bk I’d be very grateful thank you Rachel

    • I can only repeat what was already written . Can’t make it any clearer. Sorry

  10. Hi do you know when we are getting paid the extra 4 weeks on the fuel allowance please

  11. Hi i got paid double last week . The last week in march on the disability allowance just wondering when is my next payment i get paid on a wensday .

  12. Hi if my children allowance is due in to the bank on the Tuesday, will it be in on the Monday?

  13. I work in a school and don’t get paid for Easter holidays, I sign on for this period, how will covid19 effect my payment.

  14. Should I have received double payment on Tuesday? I only received payment for one week. I am on the X and O’s. Also does my employer need to sign my forms at the moment?

    • MAybe they didn’t include casual jobseeker payments when they moved payments to fortnightly.
      We will try and find out. If you find out please tell us . Thanks

    • Post office is open Good Friday until 1pm, Saturday closed and Bank holiday Monday closed.

  15. My Job Seekers Allowance Receipt from the Post Office says I’m paid from 25/03/2020 To 07/04/2020. I did receive 2 weeks payment but I was deducted too much rent money. So do I get paid on the 7th or 8th as the receipt suggests?
    Thanks Craig.

  16. Received single Covid19 payment this week taught it should be more as I finishedwork on 12th March would it not be back dated to this date ?

  17. Is the Easter jobseekers payment gonna be a double week or a single week pay due to how long you’ll have to wait if its a double

    • All payments are now for two weeks . No more single week payments of any welfare or pension payment.

  18. Is my ESB credit due on Monday instead of Tuesday next week in post office?

    • That’s a monthly payment – so it should be the same us usual.

  19. Hi. Will the household benefits payment for April 2020 be paid on a Tuesday or Monday this month?

  20. I’m on jobseekers allowance will I get paid double on the the waster bank holiday.

    • All jobseekers payments are fortnightly now. So Yes – your next one will be a two week payment.

  21. if you get a post office payment and switch it to a bank, does it get switched back after the covid arrangements?

  22. I got paid double illness benifit on the 25th of March in my bank do you know if it’s double again on Wednesday the 8th of March in the bank thank you ..

  23. I’m only getting 70% of my wages which I get 250 Euro per week going into my fourth week we were told we would get full wage last week but told no maybe next week would I be entitled to a social welfare payment as I’m on less than 350 a week and they said we may not get the 70% this week if the government hasn’t put the money in for wages

  24. If I get paid Mondays but my actually day of payment is Tuesdays I can still pick it up Monday does that mean it will be there Friday 10th jobseekers

    • I get paid like you am able to colin post office on a monday and last year my money was in the bank on the thursday before Easter.

    • My last job seekers payment was double on Tuesday 31st March, when is it possible to collect next payment?

  25. I am on disability and get paid in the bank on Wednesdays, will I get paid on the same day for Easter holidays or day before. Thank you.

  26. Hi can you please tell me when the fuel allowance extension will be paid I normally get two lump sums,

    • I heard from a member of staff from fine Gael politician’s office that it will be paid out week beginning 13th if not that week 20th is what I heard

    • The extra fuel allowance will be paid from 22/04/20. I can confirm this as I emailed the disability allowance section and they informed of this.

      • From 22/4 ? Does that mean sometime after that or during that week ?
        So is that one lump of €98 I assume?

    • They are paying out on the 22nd of this month for the fuel allowance

    • No change to schedule. Fortnightly payment – two weeks after your last one.

      • How much should the disability payment be this week? Because I just checked my bank and it’s not the same amount as 2 weeks ago so was wondering how much it should be

      • Those amounts don’t seem to match disability rates as far as I can see. Is there fuel allowance or something else included?
        Are those the exact amounts (no cents?)

      • Yes fuel allowance, 502.50.
        I know it’s not much but I don’t understand the difference

      • sounds like they have paid only one weeks fuel allowance. Maybe their system hasn’t been updated to cope with the extension of the fuel allowance?

  27. Are the fortnightly disability payments which are due in the post office for Wednesday the 8th going to be paid a day early(the 7th)?

  28. i am on disablity i normally get paid on wednesdays ,will i be paid on tuesday the 7th this week or will it stay the same ..?

  29. I normally get paid on xs and os and tru my bank account on a Tuesday and there no payment today how would that be??

  30. Hi there

    Up until the 12th of March I was working as a substitute SNA, so I was filling in casual dockets in accordance to days I got called to work, I was guaranteed to cover parental leave a day a fortnight also, I’ve applied for the pandemic payment but received nothing more than my €203, I’ve tried calling welfare but I can’t get through, has my application being rejected?

  31. I collect my js allowance at post office but wud like to change it to going into my bank account. .how do I go about getting it changed to bank please?

  32. I am on illness benefit and I only got paid one week today the 7th April I got double payment on 24th March are we supposed to be getting paid every 2 weeks ?

    • That was the plan – sounds like it’s gone wrong for you. I’ll try and find out if it’s happened to anyone else.

      • Hi I’m on illness benefit and I only received 1 payment instead of double also. Thank you

      • I’m on illness benefit and I only got paid for 1 week too.

  33. Hello. I was suppost to get the covid 19 payment today but I didn’t get it yet. Can you tell me why?

    • sorry – you really need to be asking Welfare. We are nothing to do with them.
      They have said that thousands of claims were not paid due to incorrect details or not being eligible.

    • I don’t know when you normally get it – but just read the article and it tells you what is changing from the normal payment days.

    • Due illness payment. Applied 3 weeks ago. Called welfare today said it has been awarded but not showing in payments?

      • There are others saying the same about fuel allowance. It looks like there has been an error at welfare or they forgot to update the system .
        We will try and find out what is happening

      • Someone rang welfare about this and were told all recipients of the fuel allowance will receive 3 wks back pay in April and a single payment in may.

  34. My partner is on a tus schemes gets paid Thursday normally in to the back will that or paid Wednesday . I know it’s payments through the bank get paid a say early but was wondering is it the same for his payment

    • Hi Alan – what is your main payment apart from fuel allowance?

    • Someone rang welfare about this and were told all recipients of the fuel allowance will receive 3 wks back pay in April and a single payment in may.

  35. Thanks money guide for your help. Some of this has been confusing but only because by the time i get to the village i have heard 5 different stories. Its like that game “Telephone” we used to play in St. Fergals school in Finglas. So i check official sites online, then ignore everyone else’s theory’s. lol

  36. I am on invalidity pension I normally get it on Thursdays will I get it early this week

  37. I’m on incapacity to work or illness benefit. I got double 2 weeks ago and nothing today.. is something going on or should I contact them?

  38. Where do you get these dates because they are wrong🤦‍♂️ I Just went post office they said tomorrow. I normally get paid on a monday.

    • The dates are correct – all confirmd by An Post and Welfare.
      What payment is it?
      You do realise that all payments are fortnightly now – so is your payment actually due on Monday? When was your last one?

  39. Can the dole be pick up Friday as I am due to get mine on the Monday 13th as a double payment since this Monday coming will be the 2 weeks since my last dole payment

  40. Work In postoffice so it’s truth Monday payments were not put into postoffice by social welfare Monday payments will be paid on Friday in the postoffice

  41. Hi, I didn’t receive children’s allowance this month? What do I do?

  42. How long will it take for travel allowance payments to get to the post office. It use to be 3 days.

  43. Is there going to be a back dated COVID19 payment? As many of us were paid from the second week onwards but unemployed from the Friday 13th ?
    Thank you

  44. I was (what I thought) due an illness benefit payment today. My last payment of €338.34, which is usually €203.00, was last received 27th March. When should I receive my next payment do you maintain? Thanks in advance.

    • Payments are fortnightly – so if Friday is your normal pay day you should have had one today or even yesterday.
      Sorry – I can’t work out what they have done with the amounts.

  45. Hello.
    I hope you are all safe and well during this pandemic.
    I have one question. As you know, all payments now are made forthnighly. I am getting Basic Supplementary Welfare Allowance and on 26th of March 2020 i was paid for two weeks in accordance with new rules. However on 8th of April 2020, the payment arrived only for one week, instead of expected two week payment. Will the missing part of payment arrive next Thursday?
    I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you and stay safe.

    • As far as we are aware all payments are stil fortnightly – so that payment of 1 week doesn’t seem right.

  46. Hi I didn’t receive my pandemic unemployment payment in my bank account today as everyone else seems to have amI the only one. Thanks

    • Some banks might not have processed it (possibly AIB) , It could still come Tues

    • All payments of all welfare benefits are double weeks every 2 weeks. Sorry – but is that not explained in the article?

  47. I got paid on good Friday and on welfare slip has from the 8 to the 21 so do I get paid again the 21 can someone please help me understand this

    • What day are you normally paid?
      Your next payment should be 2 weeks after your last one.
      Your last one may have been early because of Easter – so if your normal payment is Monday – you should get one on 27th.

  48. Are we gettin or money for fuel allowane for the month of april. When will we be gettin it is it on 22nd of april

  49. Hi I am on supplementary welfare allowance and I normally get paid on Wednesdays but two weeks ago the woman said that it wasn’t in 2m so does that mean that my money will be there on Thursday this week on the 16th of April 2020 I am so worried can someone please help me out xxx

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