Welfare Benefit Cuts in Budget 2011

Benefit Cuts From January 2011

Overall there will be a  4% cut effective from the first week in Jan 2011

Most benefits have been cut by €8 a week  – with a Proportionate decrease for those not on the maximum rate .
All rates will be unchanged for those aged 66 and over.
Invalidity Pension and State Pension Transition for recipients aged 65 will also be unchanged

There will be a reduction of €6 per week in the rate of Jobseeker’s Allowance and Supplementary Welfare Allowance for those aged 22-24.

There will be a reduction of €10 in the personal weekly rate of Supplementary Welfare Allowance

The rate of payment of Jobseeker’s Allowance and Supplementary Welfare Allowance for those aged 18-21 is unchanged.

Associated maximum Qualified Adult Allowance(QAAs) will generally decrease by €5.30 per week from the first week in January 2011

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11 thoughts on “Welfare Benefit Cuts in Budget 2011

  1. I dont understand it all. what is being taken off the oneparent family allowance

    • Clair – it is being cut by €8 a week – the same as all other benefits.
      In percentage terms – it’s about 3.5% – alower than most others. The new rate will be €217.80

  2. if your loan partent is being cut by 8euro a week is that the same if your on rent allowance too

    • amanda – the rent allowance is not affected in this budget. Your LP benefit will be cut by 8 euro.

  3. people can complain if they want what about people with kids who have lost there jobs. How will they get on in life. Think long and hard about peoples Circumstance
    before you tell them not to complain. The cheek of you your one person out thehay dare you say that people re on your own some of these people have big familys and have every rite to be angry

  4. James living off your parents as your statement implies you do is not an option for most people. You are right, you have no right to complain whilst someone is taking care of you and aren’t you lucky that they are. Many people I know with kids are living hand to mouth and in constant fear for how to give their children the opportunities that you are receiving or even basic needs like food and a home. Whilst your simplistic notion seems to be that everyone should just shut up and work hard, what do you think its like for someone caught in a poverty trap or completely restricted because they cannot save to cope with the incredibly high cost of childcare. Do you think there are many bosses out there or training courses that allow someone to come in to work at 10 and leave at 1.30 so that they can get to and from their child’s school. There are many talented, intelligent people on the dole because they are trapped in their situation and would jump at the chance to use their skills and make better prospects for themselves and their loved ones. I think you should grow up and try a little more understanding or sympathetic for something that is far more complex than the view you put forward. People generally want to be independent and want to be able to work their way out of state dependence and see a future for themselves and not so many have great parents who can make this happen for them whether willing or not. Last bit of this rant would be your comment on welfare system in England or America. Are you nuts ? England has one of the worst systems in Europe that ensures many people are state dependent for years and years, they feel no dignity, lose confidence in their abilities and if over a certain age have no hope because of ageism in the employment market. Often people have no incentive to work because they are carers and feel they cannot afford to work. Someone on minimum wage there would have to work 7 days a week in order to barely exist. This leads to a huge divide between rich and poor, less opportunity in education, quality of life and many other downfalls. The system there has remained stuck for years and has risen by something like 10 pounds in well over a decade. Whereas inflation has been so much more. Its a joke there. Its alright to say people can just work and be responsible for their own destiny but that just doesn’t happen in poverty stricken areas where there is no work. Training is deficient and is often more about shuffling figures than quality training. The U.S.A welfare system has its poor often living in third world conditions and I have met tourists who have said they have actually seen people dying in the streets of big cities. Not only do both of these places keep their poor well and truly downtrodden but also make them feel like criminals for the pittance they receive. Do you really want to live in a society that does that to its own people ? Or would you rather a society that is accountable to all sectors of society. Utilizes and respects its peoples skills in all areas. Cares for its citizens and provides hope and growth so that all of its people have the option and incentive to provide their children with the opportunities that you have been given.

  5. James, you have a lot to learn. You say you are living away from home on an allowance of €80 a week. Well now then who pays for your accomadation? Who puts clothes on your back? Who’s home do you return to each week to have your washing done and get good food? I’m sure €80 a week does not cover all these expenses. So grow up and tell the truth and think before you make such degrading comments about people who just need a little help to survive. And by the way when you finish your study you will probably be joining the dole que like all these people you have been giving out about!

  6. well, my Disability Allowance has been cut by 15 euro, and i’m not very happy about it. Having not received any rent allowance for weeks now, and still trying to sort that out, i am as yet unaware as to whether it has been reduced yet. the 15 euro decrease is unfuriating me enough for now

  7. Yes, my rent allowance has also been cut by 2euro. I’m wondering if that means I will have to negotiate rent with my landlord or increase my personal contribution to 26euro per week?

  8. James you are talking through your backside try feeding your children get them to school and dress them before you can even think about looking after yourself no because your a selfish little spoilt brat probably daddy and mammy to fall on yes i agree do your exam but also learn how to q in a post office cos that where your going! 80 euro a week for food acomadation transport you fool grow up and think b4 you blink!

    • Alan – he never siad the 80 was for accommodation – just food and transport.
      The point is that the 200 Euro a week dole for a single person was probably too much. It has come down in 2 budgets now – and may need to come down again.

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