Water Charge Refunds

Refunds of Water Charges

It was announced in early September 2017 that most householders can expect a Water Charge refund from Irish Water before Christmas 2017. This is now looking less likely because of delays in legislation.

The Government still has to pass the new legislation before any water charge refunds can be sent out . It was passed in the Dail  on 8th  November – now it has to be passed by the  Seanad  . So it might not be put into action until  Nov 20th.

All Irish Water account holders (not businesses) will be automatically sent a full refund by a cheque. There will be no need to apply for a refund.
If you received the Water Conservation Grant – that will not affect the refund , you will still get a full repayment of all the money you paid to Irish Water.

Around 1 million customers will be refunded all the water charges they have paid – which will be a national total of around €173m .

Change of Address

Important : You will need to update your correspondence address with Irish Water if you have changed address since you last paid them  – so that the cheque will be sent to the correct address .
You can do this online if you have an IrishWater account (here) .

The Irish Water website says that you have to contact them by phone on 01 707 2824 or  1850 448 448 (9am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday.)  It doesn’t mention the online option – but Irish Water staff have told us it can be done online.   (Don’t blame us if it turns out to be wrong!)

Also be aware that calling that 1850 number could cost you more than ringing the 01 number if you have landline calls included in your phone plan – :    See more about 1850 call costs


water charge refunds

Irish Water have also said that the extra cost of refunding customers will be approximately €5m  – to cover the cost of letters, cheques, a public information campaign and additional staffing.

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5 thoughts on “Water Charge Refunds

  1. You can also change your address if needed online at http://www.water.ie .

    There you can even see that they issue you with bills for the last couple of quarters, while those are 0€ they still tell you how much water you consumed.

    So clearly metering, reading of meters and billing is still going on.

    • Maybe you can – but , for whatever reason – Irish Water are saying to call them , they are not mentioning online changes of address.

    • We just checked – and addresses cannot be changed online at the water.ie website – It shows the option to do so but if you select “amend address” a message is shown telling you to ring them.

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