Ulster Bank Current Account Fees

From April 19th 2019 – Ulster Bank will be changing the way they apply admin fees and will also begin charging transaction fees in some cases

Ulster will now charge most customers (see below for exceptions) €2 a month  admin fee. This fee cannot be avoided by keeping you balance above a certain amount.

Ulster will also charge transaction fees on accounts that do not keep their balance over €3000 during a month.

Transaction fees:

  • Contactless   : 1c
  • Debit card purchase (or refund) :  20c
  • Automated transactions (DD, Standing order, etc ) : 20c
  • ATM cash at any bank : 35c
  • In branch transactions  : 80c

The first charges will be applied to accounts on 7th June 2019 and each month thereafter.

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Example of Ulster Bank Charges from April 19th  (Monthly)

Someone who uses the account like this … (and doesn’t keep the balance over €3000)

  • Contactless card 13 times
  •  debit card 24 times.
  • 10 automated transactions (6 direct debits , 2 standing orders , 2 online transfers)
  • cash out at an ATM 5 times a month
  • withdraws cash in branch once a month.

Will be charged  €9.48 a month in transaction fees and €2 a month admin fee. A total of €11.48 a month or €137.76 a year.

History of Ulster Bank Charges

For a long time Ulster Bank was the only bank that had a current account without any fees – but from July 1st 2013  – Ulster Bank began charging a €4 per month “maintenance fee” on current accounts. A waiver was applied to this charge in one of 2 possible ways :

a) If you kept a balance of  €3000 or more  in the account during the charging month.

OR b)  if you lodged at least €3000 into the account each month.

 From September 1st 2014 the admin charge at Ulster Bank could only be avoided by maintaining a balance of at least €3000. The €4 per month charge was the only charge – there were no further charges for transactions as  there is at Bank of Ireland or AIB.

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Some Ulster Bank customers will not be charged fees – these   include :

Customers over 66 years of age or customers who hold a joint account where one party is over 66 years of age

Customers holding the following accounts –

Private Accounts
ufirst  and ufirstgold
Service Account
Student & Graduate Account
Adapt Account
Foundation Account {NOTE : This is a basic account with no credit facilities , service card or chequebook, only available if you don’t already hold a payment account in the  Republic of Ireland.} 
Savings Accounts

pay packet

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