Travel Insurance Price Comparison

It’s getting close to summer holiday time again – and one thing people usually neglect to buy is travel insurance. 
Some medical cover within Europe will be provided by having a European Health Insurance Card  (EHIC) – but this on it’s own will not cover all medical costs in all situations.  Travel insurance typically covers at least €3 million of medical costs. More about the EHIC here

We have done a quick  price comparison of  travel insurance in Ireland.  It is well worth shopping around to save  money and to make sure you get adequate cover.
Tip:  Remember to buy your travel insurance as soon as you book your holiday – that way you are covered straight away if you have to cancel because of illness .

We obtained some online quotes for travel insurance for  a  single 2 week  trip to the USA for a family group  of 4 (2 adults and 2 children under 17) travelling in July 2016. The family did not have private health insurance.

The insurance quotes we obtained all included cover  for cancellation, missed departure, baggage loss, personal belongings as well as medical cover. The differences in price were substantial.

AA came out as the cheapest price at just €77.99

AA Essential Cover €77.99

AA Extra Cover €97.99 €150.48 €217.56

One thing we did discover – is that the level of insurance cover varies drastically between the various policies. So our advice is be sure before you buy a travel insurance policy that you check what the policy covers you for . Don’t just buy the cheapest option and assume it will be OK  – because you may not have the cover you thought you had.

For example –  if we had selected the  €190.35  Silver option  with  – they  would not pay out anything at all for  loss of baggage . Baggage loss is probably one of the more likely things to happen.

The AA Essential Travel policy ( €77.99) was the lowest price and  included cover of up to €3500 for cancellation or curtailment, €2000 for lost baggage, €800 for missed departure , €5 million Medical expenses.

AA Extra Policy – would cost €97.99 – and this extra €20 cost  would get cover of up to €6000 for cancellation , €3000 for lost baggage or belongings , €1000 for missed departure and  €10 million medical expenses.

Getcover insurance (€150.48)  includes  up to  €3000 for cancellation , €2500 for baggage,  €10 million Medical expenses. policy  cover  (€217.56) includes  up to €7000 for cancellation or abandonment , €3000 for lost baggage, €1000 for missed departure , €10 million Medical expenses.

(All these amounts are per person – so unless this family of four was planning a trip costing more than €24000 – the best option would be one of the AA policies.)

All prices were quoted  online by the providers websites on May 25th 2016

Tip – Don’t forget to declare any existing conditions when buying travel insurance. The insurance company won’t payout if you make a claim because of a condition you already had before you bought travel insurance.

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