Sugar Tax in Ireland – How Much Will it Be ?

Budget 2018 saw an announcement of  details of a new “Sugar Tax” which is expected to start in April 2018.
More about Budget 2018 here.

A similar tax is being implemented in the UK in April 2018 – so the rates of sugar tax in Ireland will be in line with those in the UK. The official name of the “sugar” tax in the UK is  the Soft Drinks Industry Levy

In Ireland ,  soft drink manufacturers will be taxed according to the volume of sugar-sweetened beverages they produce or import. Pure fruit juices will not be taxed unless sugar is added.  Dairy products will not be taxed either

Total sugar content above 5g per 100 ml will be taxed at 20c per litre and drinks above 8g per 100 ml will be taxed at 30c per litre.

In the UK ,  the proposed tax on sugar over 5g per 100 ml is 18p per litre and drinks above 8g per 100 ml will be taxed at 24p per litre.

It is estimated that in Ireland this tax will bring in about €40 million a year. (Not if it suceeds in reducing sales of sugary drinks)

Many major drink producers have already lowered sugar content on some drinks to avoid the new tax in the UK (Fanta and Sprite)

Example – a 330ml can of  Coca Cola containing more than 8g per 100ml would incur a tax of  10c.
A 2 litre bottle of Coca Cola would have a tax of  60 cent

Here is a list of the sugar content per 100ml  of some popular drinks that would incur higher rates of “sugar tax”

Lucozade: 8.7g

Vimto: 9.1g

Ribena: 9.9g

Dr Pepper: 10.3g

Pepsi: 10.6g

Coca-Cola: 10.6g

7Up: 10.6g

Red Bull: 11g