Best Euro Exchange Rates in Ireland

Getting the Best Currency Exchange Rates – :

If you need to send large amounts of money from one country to another  – you will usually get the best exchange rates from a specialist currency broker or an online currency exchange service. The worst exchange rates are usually given by the main banks.

On paper the actual exchange rate differences may look tiny  – just fractions of a cent. But as an example – a difference of  just €0.005 in the Euro to Sterling exchange rate could cost you €1000 on a €200,000 exchange! Why let the banks have it ?

Maybe you are in Ireland and buying property overseas or you might be elsewhere and thinking of moving to Ireland?  Maybe you are importing a car or just transferring some of your savings into another currency ?
Maybe you run a business that does a lot of trade in different currencies ?.

Whatever the reason –  if you need to transfer large amounts of money overseas –  Euro to Sterling , Sterling to Euro, – US Dollars to Euro, – or if you want to transfer any other currency such as Australian Dollars , Brazilian Real etc. … you  should first check out the savings you can make by using a currency exchange specialist instead of  just asking your bank to take care of it.

Some Recommended Currency Transfer Companies.

Transfermate is a Dublin based foreign exchange company that help businesses and individuals to send and receive international payments.  Transfermate is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and is also registered with UK HM Customs & Excise as well as being regulated across the USA, Canada, Europe and Australasia. Customers can phone Transfermate on Dublin  01 6353776  or  just set up an online account and arrange currency transfers via their website

Currency Solutions is a UK based currency specialist firm that can carry out a wide range of currency transfers. They are authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority .  Customers  can arrange transfers over the phone  – you can call them on their  Irish number 01 431 1344 or on their UK number 0044 207 740 0000 .  Ask for the Money Guide Ireland  contact  – Ernie Enver. He should be able to give you a quick response to any queries.
Or you can visit the Currency Solutions website here  for a free no obligation quote and they will call you back.
If you prefer – once registered , you can use their online platform for transfers of up to £20,000 for personal customers (£50,000 for business customers) .

FairFx are London based foreign exchange specialists and they also have an office in Dublin. FairFx have been operating since 2007 and are fully regulated by both the UK Financial Conduct Authority and the UK HMRC . You can arrange international money transfers with FairFx online or over the telephone.
FairFx will enable you to set up regular transfers such as salary, pension or rental payments. Over the phone you can get free personalised  support when making large or regular payments . You can call FairFx on their Irish number (01  5665546 ) or on their UK number (0044) 20 7858200 . Ask for Niall Walsh  – and he will make sure you are looked after.

With the currency specialists listed above –   you are able to lock in an exchange rate for up to 12 months in advance  – and so remove the worry of any future currency fluctuations. ( Very useful with the current fluctuations caused by Brexit uncertainty)

For example – you might be living in Ireland and buying  a property abroad. If the  Euro was to suddenly weaken before you managed to sell your current house – then the proceeds from the house sale would be worth thousands less in Pounds or USD or Australian Dollars etc. By reserving a guaranteed exchange,  rate up to 12 months ahead, you can prevent exchange rate fluctuations from wrecking  your plans. You will usually need to pay a deposit of around 10%.

Currency marketplace :
Another online alternative is  Currency Fair : – 
They are based in Ireland and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.  Everything is done online  – so if you want the personal touch or some guidance – these may not be ideal for you.  You can use an Irish debit card or a bank transfer to send money to CurrencyFair .  Then – for a  small fee (€3 to €5) you can convert and transfer money to banks in any one of 17 different currencies. ( Sterling, US Dollars , AU Dollars , Polish Zloty and many more.). There is no minimum transfer amount.

Currency Exchange for Businesses

If you run a business in Ireland or the UK with regular large payments or invoices in different currencies  – then a currency exchange firm can save your business quite a lot of money on exchange rates and charges. You will already be aware that your profit margins can be severely cut by exchange rate fluctuations – but by fixing your exchange rates in advance you can get some certainty . (It’s called Hedging – the big companies do it all the time). More here about Currency Exchange for Businesses



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Holiday Money (Cash)
If you are just going on holiday and want to get some foreign currency in cash before you travel   – you should read our article on Travel Money . We have found in several surveys that No1 Currency were giving the best deal on buying Sterling in Ireland (and they deliver it to your home for free on orders over €750)

If you use your Irish debit or credit card whilst abroad for day to day spending there will usually be additional fees and charges when you spend outside the Eurozone – find out more in our article on  Card Charges outside the Eurozone