Stamp Duty Rates in Ireland

Stamp Duty Rates in Ireland 2020

After the changes in the 2011 Budget – any exemptions on Stamp Duty for house purchases were removed in December 2010. All house purchases in Ireland are now liable for stamp duty.

Stamp Duty Rates  on Property Purchases in Ireland 2020    (Residential Property)

  • 1% on properties valued under 1 Million Euro

  • For properties valued over €1 million, a rate of 1.0% applies to the first €1 million and a rate of 2.0% applies to the balance.

Stamp Duty on Residential Property in Ireland
House PriceStamp Duty

(Prior to December 2010 there was zero Stamp Duty  on houses  below €125,000, 7% stamp duty on the next € 875,000 and 9% on the balance.)

A Residential property for Stamp Duty purposes is defined as :

  • a building, or part of a building,  used, or suitable for use, as a dwelling, in the course of being built, or adapted for use, as a dwelling
  • had been built or adapted for use as a dwelling, and had not since been adapted for any other use
  • the area attached to the residential property (for example, the garden or yard), excluding the site of the residential property. If this area exceeds one acre the area in excess of one acre is classed as non-residential property.

Residential property includes a derelict or uninhabitable house.

If you pay VAT on a house, you only have to pay stamp duty on the  price of the house before the VAT was added.
So, for example, if you paid €340,500 (including VAT) for your new house, this is made up of the base price of €300,000 plus 13.5% VAT (€40,5000). So –  you only pay stamp duty on the base price of €300,000 at 1% – which is €3000.

Note : VAT on residential property – If you buy a brand new house from a builder or developer, you will be charged VAT at 13.5%.

If you are buying  a “second hand”  or existing property, you do not have to pay VAT.

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Stamp duty on non-residential property was increased from 6%  to 7.5% in  10 October 2019.

However, where the land is used to develop dwelling units you may qualify for a stamp duty refund of up to two thirds of the Stamp Duty paid.
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Stamp Duty when Buying Shares

A Stamp Duty is also charged when someone buys shares.

Irish Shares – Stamp Duty is charged at 1%

UK Shares – Stamp Duty is 0.5%

USA Shares – No Stamp Duty

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