Social Welfare Payments St Patrick’s Day 2020

Tuesday  17th March 2020 is a Bank Holiday and all Social Welfare offices  will be closed . Post Offices  and Banks will also be closed on 17th March 2020

Jobseekers who are due to sign on at a Social Welfare Office on 17th March will not have to do so.

Pension and Welfare Payment Arrangements for  St Patrick’s Day

Payments collected at a Post Office
All welfare and state pension payments due on Tue 17th March can be collected from Monday 16th March 2020. (They will still be there on Wednesday too)

Payments directly into bank accounts :
Payments of pensions and welfare benefits due on Tuesday 17th March should be paid into accounts instead on Monday 16th March 2020

Casual / Part Time  Jobseekers, due to be paid on Tuesday 17th March will be paid on Wednesday 18th March.

Read more here about workers pay and holiday entitlements for March 17th 2020

Special Arrangements Because of Coronavirus

An Post has announced special arrangements for collection of pensions and social welfare from Post Offices.

If a customer is not able to collect their payment personally at the Post Office a nominated person (Temporary Agent) can be nominated to collect the payment on their behalf. 

When collecting a payment, a ‘Temporary Agent’ must produce the recipient’s card as well as their own valid photo I.D. e.g current Passport, Driving Licence or Public Service Card.

To become a Temporary Agent, the recipient must complete the required form which is available from the Post Office or online here

Full List of Irish Bank Holidays

Childrens’ Allowance Payments 2020

40 thoughts on “Social Welfare Payments St Patrick’s Day 2020

  1. I collect my payment Monday usually but it’s dedicated day is Tuesday can i collect it today Friday because next Tuesday is st Patrick’s day

    • 9
      I didn’t realise you could have your job seekers allowance paid into your bank account.

      I’m worried I’ll get the virus and be unable to collect the job seeks allowance from the post office.

  2. Hi
    I usually get a cheque in the post on Tuesdays for supplementary welfare and cash it in post office what day will I get this because Tuesday 17th March 2020 is a bank holiday?

  3. Mu Jobseekers Allowance payment goes into my bank account at midnight on Mondays. When will it be paid this week because of Saint Patrick’s Day?

    • I’m on JSB ( casual dockets ) and I’m in the same boat as you . Checked my BOI online this morn . Hopefully tmrw

  4. I’m on JSB and usually the money is in my account on a Tuesday . Thought it would go in Monday .
    Will it be in tmrw morn?

    • Normally they send payments out early on a bank holiday. I can only assume they haven’t done it this year or there is a delay somewhere. Hopefully it will be there tomorrow before noon.

  5. Hi, We just didint know that it would be paid on Monday so missed it, so can we get the payment tomorrow, Wednesday?

  6. Hi i get get my wages normally on tuesday night wendesday morning will it still go througj with the banks closed today

  7. My illness benefit payment is due to be paid into account on a Tuesday. It didn’t go in yesterday or today?

  8. Hi Roberta here It said on money that bank payment would be paid Monday the 16 instead of Tuesday it wasn’t there will I get paid tonight into my bank account

    • Normally they send payments out early on a bank holiday. I can only assume they haven’t done it this year or there is a delay somewhere. Hopefully it will be there tomorrow before noon.
      Maybe all this virus stuff means they are concentrating on other things. It should be there tomorrow.

    • Well why would there put it up on money guide that the payment that go into the bank Tuesday night will be there Monday night I am freaking out here

      • The normal procedure with the Dept of Social Protection is to pay it early. (apart from casual jobseekers) . Not sure why it didn’t happen for some people this year.

  9. Hello, no payment into my bank account for casual jobseekers this morning, Wednesday. Is there some issue with the processing of the payments? Surely things should proceed as normal (even under these circumstances). And yes, I did submit my docket last week. And yes, it is set up for bank transfer. Is anyone else experiencing this?

      • Unfortunately nothing today either. I’m sending a ‘strongly worded letter’ to the office, asking for last week’s payment to be included with the forthcoming one. Seeing as how the phone is effectively dead, and the office I presume is in some kind of meltdown, I’m not sure this letter will make any difference. Thats for the advice. D

      • bank holiday yesterday – so I would expect payments to be there by 12 noon today

      • I’m with PTSb getting illness benefit. And nothing yet. Usually v prompt every Tuesday.

  10. Has anyone else still not been paid casual jobseekers into bank? I’m with BOI and still nothing?

  11. My jobseekers application was accepted this week and said I would get my first payment into my bank yesterday and it’s still not there now is there any reason for the delay?

    • I’d be surprised if the payment was that quick. They are VERY busy . Keep checking –

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