Social Welfare Payments St Patrick’s Day 2019

Monday 18th March 2019 is a Bank Holiday and all Social Welfare offices  will be closed . Post Offices  and Banks will also be closed on 18th March 2019.

Jobseekers who are due to sign on at a Social Welfare Office on Monday 18th March will not have to do so.

Pension and Welfare Payment Arrangements for  St Patrick’s Weekend

Payment collected at a Post Office
All welfare and state pension payments due on Monday 18th March can be collected from Friday 15th March 2018.

Payments directly into bank accounts :
Payments of pensions and welfare benefits due on Monday 18th March will  be paid into accounts instead on Friday 15th March 2019.

Casual / Part Time  Jobseekers, due to be paid on Tuesday 19th March will be paid on Wednesday 20th March.

Read more here about workers pay amd holiday entitlements for March 17th 2019

29 thoughts on “Social Welfare Payments St Patrick’s Day 2019

  1. Hi, SWA is paid in to bank on Tuesday but not in today. Is it a day late on account of the bank holiday? Thanks

    • There shouldn’t be delays . If it hasn’t arrived – contact Social Welfare General Information line on (071) 919 3302

  2. Hope this isn’t too late to ask. I get rent allowance in the post every Tuesday. Will this be affected?

  3. I’m wondering is x n o’s payment the same does that not go into banks this week until Wednesday normally have it in on Tuesday mornings

  4. Hi I get money for social welfare on Monday usually. I forgot because of the bank holiday you could pick it either Friday or Saturday. Will I still be able to pick it up tomorrow.

  5. Hi I get x and o’s payment normally on a Tuesday of every week is this effected ???

    • As the article clearly states – “Casual / Part Time Jobseekers, due to be paid on Tuesday 19th March will be paid on Wednesday 20th March.”

  6. My money is there on Monday’s so will it be in the post office from 9am Friday 15th?

  7. Pretty sure that I read somewhere if child benefit is due on Monday they won’t be able to process to Tuesday anyone know anything regarding this

    • Child Benefit is teh first Tuesday of the month. Not affected by this.

  8. Is it the same all of UK? I might have just asked a real stupid question I know

  9. My widows pension wasn’t in my bank account today Friday 15, 2019. It’s always in on Friday morning, but when I rang social welfare they said it would be in on Saturday. Is this true? Thanks.

  10. Will domicilary payments due in bank on Tuesday. 19th Do we get the payment Friday /Saturday morning in our account ??

    • They should be there Tuesday. (A possibility you might see the money on Saturday)
      What usually happens to your payments when a Monday is a Bank Holiday ?
      Next week will be the same as that.

    • I think it might be there saturday I get domicilliary too. Sometimes its there on the saturday of a bank holiday. Be great if was there tomorrow. I think it wax easter weekend last year and tuesday payments were there on the friday

      • I think Payments are usually earlier when it’s also a bank holiday in Europe – because all the payments go through SEPA.

  11. Ya I was wondering the same due on 18th can I collect on 15th in post office?

  12. I’m enquiring I’m with SSE airtricity and got behind on my bill.I was told too get my housing officer too send them a letter of permission too get s ppm installed. However when I rang them.ibeas told that I could be disconnected in my supply. Can they do this

  13. Are carers payments due in Bank acc’s on Tuesday still to be paid on Tuesday?
    Thank you,

  14. What about bank payments that a due to b paid in on Tues from welfare will they go in early as Monday is a bank holiday

  15. I usually get paid jobseekers on Monday. It’s ment to be Tuesday but always can collect a day before. Will my money be there on Friday because the bank holiday

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