Social Welfare August Bank Holiday Payments

The Department of Social Protection offices will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday, 6th August 2018  , as are all the Post Offices and banks.

If you are due to sign for a Jobseeker’s payment at your Intreo or social welfare office on Monday 6th August  –  you do not have to sign on that day. Normal signing arrangements apply for the rest of the week.

You can collect welfare and state pension payments due to be paid on Monday 6th at the post office from Friday 3rd  August  .

Electronic payments to banks that are due on Monday 6th  August will be paid instead on Friday 3rd August 2018

Payments for Casual Jobseekers, due to be paid on Tuesday 7th August will be paid instead on Wednesday 8th August.


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28 thoughts on “Social Welfare August Bank Holiday Payments

  1. When will childrens allowance for August 2018 be made? Monday the 7th is a bank holiday.

    • Monday 6th is a bank holiday. The Childrens Allowance will be in bank accounts as normal by Tues 7th AUgust. In the past – some banks get the payment on the previou sFriday or Saturday – but don’t rely on this happening .

  2. Is This weekend coming Thats {Aug Bank Holiday weekend} a European Bank Holiday in Ireland ? Because if it is ! Germany will have bank holiday and all payments inclueding Child Allowance will be paid out this coming Friday.

  3. When do people get there employment and support allance into the post office

  4. If you cant collect on the saturday ,can the payment be collected on the Tuesday after the bank holiday ?

  5. Do bank of Ireland custemers get child benefit in over bank holiday weekend.

  6. I’m on jobseekers allowance and get paid the Monday.. Can I collect it on Friday

  7. Just wandering if my payment is due on Monday or Tuesday (new to this so not sure what day!) can I collect it on Friday? it’s just a JA payment

    • Yes – when it is due on a bank holiday. (Not a bank holiday in England next week though)

  8. Will children’s allowance be paid into banks over this bank holiday weekend?

  9. Am I able to collect my jobseekers on Friday 3rd August? Even thought I usually collect my payment on Tuesday?

  10. Are disability allowance payments due to be paid wednesday been paid as normal or a day earlier to banks

  11. Child benefit not in bank of ireland,will it be paid on Tuesday,I thought being a bank hoilday it would be friday

    • No guarantee of it being early – but some times with some banks it is early.

  12. Im paid on Tuesday the 7th. Will it be there or do I have to wait till tomorrow to collect it ? Thanks.

  13. My illness benefit was not paid into my bank today will it be in bank tomorrow because of bank Holiday August
    Bank holiday

    • The Department of Social Protection says it has ” experienced delays processing Illness Benefit claims this week. All payments due on Tuesday will now issue Thursday 9 August 2018 and Friday 10 Aug 2018″

  14. Illness benefit due in bank today not there. I’ve literally no money. Any idea when it will be paid. Is this because of bank holiday? Thanks

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