Social Welfare August Bank Holiday Payments

All Social Welfare offices will be closed on the August Bank Holiday Monday, 3rd August 2020  , as will all the Post Offices and banks.

If you are due to sign for a Jobseeker’s payment at your Intreo or social welfare office on Monday 3rd August  –  you do not have to sign on that day.

Post Office Collection :

You can collect welfare and state pension payments that are due to be paid on Monday 3rd August at the post office from Friday 31st July  .

Bank Payments

Electronic payments to banks that are due on Monday 3rd August will be paid early instead, on Friday 31st July 2020

Child Benefit payments will be in bank accounts by Tue 4th August.  Some payments might come early (Saturday) but do not rely on this .

Payments for Casual Jobseekers, due to be paid on Tuesday 4th August will be paid later instead on Wednesday 5th August.

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36 thoughts on “Social Welfare August Bank Holiday Payments

  1. Hi, got awarded jobseeker’s benefit last week and was told my first payment was due today and then every week after that. Is this a mistake are they still paying in fortnightly? Still not in my account.

  2. I get paid from the community welfare office into the post office I always get it on a Monday even though it’s never die till the Thursday so I wonder will it go in on Friday

  3. Hi I get paid tuesday the day after the bank holiday but I can usually pick it up on the monday am I able to collect it any earlier or will I have to wait until Tuesday?

  4. Can you tell me please . If my PUP payment via bank transfer usually paid on Tuesday..will it be delayed over the August bank holiday or is it normal service

  5. Are payments that are due Monday 3rd August can definitely be collected from Post Office Friday 31st July?

  6. Is next Monday’s JSA payment there today? (In the post office). I’m reluctant to go if it’s not there as have an underlying condition

  7. Has anyone collected a job seekers allowance in Clondalkin today instead of the Monday? I was told on the phone phone it will be paid on Tuesday.? That has not happened before.

  8. If u get paid into post office your covid Payment should be there Saturday on a bank holiday

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