Sky and Virgin Media Broadband and TV Bundles in Ireland

If you are looking for the cheapest  “triple play bundle” of TV , Broadband and Home Phone –  there are usually some good deals available from both Sky and Virgin Media . These two companies are the two biggest digital TV subscription providers in Ireland.

Firstly –  apologies if you don’t live in an area covered by Virgin Media – because this comparison is not going to be any use to you. Virgin Media  (previously UPC) provide their TV , broadband and phone services via their own cable network – which is available in Dublin, Cork City, Galway City, Limerick City and many areas of County Dublin. (You can check if Virgin is available where you live here )

Sky provide their TV via satellite dishes  and their  broadband and phone via the national telephone network. Sky Fibre is only available in some areas of the country – but it should be available in all the places where Virgin Media is available.

So – how do Virgin Media and Sky Ireland compare on price – and what do you get for your money?

We did a comparison of the deals on offer in early February 2018 from Sky Ireland and Virgin Media Ireland.   We looked at packages with unlimited broadband, inclusive anytime phone calls and TV with around 55 channels.

Cheapest Bundles

We found a  package on Virgin Media – with  broadband offering speeds upto 240Mb , Unlimited data, free calls to Irish landlines 24 hours a day and 66 TV channels on their Horizon box. The price is €89 per month with the first 12 months at  €64 a month. Total cost in the first year: €768. More Details Here

We found a similar bundle  from from Sky on  including fibre broadband with speeds upto 100Mb (where available) , unlimited data and free calls to landlines all day as well as 55 TV channels.  The total cost of this in year one would be €1014 (€82 a month for 12 months then €92 per month.) .  They are currently giving away a free 32 inch TV to all new customers.

The Virgin Media  deal costs €246 less over the first 12 months . (You could buy your own 32 inch TV for that if you need one.)

What are the differences between the Virgin Media and Sky bundles ?

Broadband :The speed on the Virgin Media deal is faster , upto 240Mb compared to a maximum of  upto 100Mb with Sky. Sky uses the same phone lines  as Eir/vodafone while Virgin use their own cable network . The Virgin speeds should be better in the majority of cases.

TV: The difference in TV channels is negligible.  The main differences we could see is that with Sky you get Sky Atlantic and with Virgin you get a few more of the HD channels , Film 4 and Discovery. Virgin throw in FREE Netflix for 6 months.

Phone – Both bundles include anytime calls to Irish landlines.
With Virgin you also get 400 minutes per month of calls to landlines in 22 countries and USA mobiles.
With Sky you get unlimited free calls to landlines in the UK, USA and 18 other countries – which could come in very handy if you have friends or relatives overseas. More details on Sky Ireland here

Overall there is not too much difference :-  
These prices were correct on  Feb 6th 2018

An upgrade with Virgin Media to their  “Full House” TV with 114 channels would work out at  €828 in the first year.    You can  find out more about Virgin Media TV and broadband deals and even order your bundle online at

You might also want to take a look at our comparison of Broadband and Phone bundles where  Vodafone  come out as the best priced option .

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