Sky Broadband Charges Compared to Eir

Sky  have been offering  a telephone and broadband service in Ireland for a few years now.  We have checked out the current pricing  and  how it now compares to Eir. (Sept 2018)

Firstly – the Sky telephone and broadband service is nothing to to with their satellite dishes – it is provided down the very same phone lines used by the likes of Eircom and Vodafone . You don’t need to have Sky TV or a satellite dish to use their telephone and broadband.

Sky have several options and price levels available  – with 4  different broadband prices depending on where you live and if fibre is available in your area . Fibre broadband runs at speeds of upto 100Mb/sec and is gradually spreading to more towns across the country,

Comparing Fibre Broadband Prices

Sky Unlimited Fibre broadband – with speeds upto 100Mb  costs €37.50 a month for the first 12  months (€62.50 after that). This includes free anytime landline calls and works out at €500 in year one. (Price is for new customers.)

A similar bundle from Eir will cost €569.75 in year one (for new customers) The Eir price is €44.98 a month for 12 months then rising to €69.98  This also includes to UK landlines.

The Sky bundle works out at €69.75 cheaper over the first year. Find out more at the  Sky page on

Just be careful when comparing prices – don’t just look at the monthly price because some providers have short introductory disscounts (Like Eir above). Look at the total price over a year. Most broadband and phone contracts are for 12 months – so you can always look at switching again after a year if there are better deals on offer.

Visit the handy website to check out even more broadband providers and compare prices .