Ryanair Baggage Charges 2018

Ryanair Baggage Charges 2018

Hand Baggage Allowance Charges from November 1st 2018

In August 2018 Ryanair announced  changes to their policy on hand/cabin baggage. These changes came into effect on all flights from Thursday November 1st 2018.

  • Customers who pay  for priority boarding (€6/£6)  will  be allowed to bring two free “carry-on” bags  into the cabin (one 10kg bag and one small “hand”bag) . There will be a slight increase to the maximum size of the smaller bag  to 40cm x 20cm x 25cm.
  •  Non-priority customers will only be able to bring one free, small handbag size bag on to the aircraft measuring 40cm x 20cm x 25cm or less  – which must go under the seat in front of you.
  • The main change is that from November 1st 2018 , there will be no more free bags put in the hold on Ryanair flights.

If non-priority customers want to put a 10kg bag into the hold they will need to pay an €8 checked baggage fee at the time of booking, or €10 at any point after booking (before the flight) .

Non-priority customers who have not added a bag to their booking  before they fly will have to pay €20 at the airport bag drop desk or €25 at the boarding gate for a 10kg bag .
(Size  – 55cm x 40cm x 20cm)


Note:   Ryanair said they will allow a 10kg bag to be checked in free, for all non-priority customers who booked before 31st August 2018 to travel after 1st November 2018. This free 10kg checked bag should have been automatically added to relevant bookings .

Checked Baggage Charges:
Ryanair’s checked baggage allowance is still up to 3 bags per person,  weighing up to 20kg each .

The Ryanair website says that charges for a 20kg checked bag range from €25 to €40 per leg of a journey .   They also mention that at” peak times and on certain destinations  a €10 supplement will be charged per flight” . But the baggage terms and conditions also say ….  “Fees may vary from time to time but it is the rates in force at the time you book and/or pay for your checked baggage allowance which apply.

We have checked – and it is possible to get 20kg checked bag for €15 per leg of a journey on the Ryanair website. It all depends on the time of year and the popularity of the flight.

On flights after November 1st 2018 – a  checked bag weighing up to 10Kg will cost you  €8 each way at the time of booking, or €10 at any point after booking. It will cost €20 at the airport bag drop desk or €25 at the boarding gate .
Tip:  If a couple add two 10kg bags when booking the flight  it will work out slightly cheaper than taking one 20kg bag.

Alternatives:   A useful luggage delivery service is provided by Send My Bag . They will collect your bags from your house and deliver them to your destination overseas. (Door to Door) . This does mean you will have to send the bags a few days before you travel – but the prices are reasonable and it means you can travel light!  It could also mean cheaper and easier  transfers at the destination.
It’s also a very good idea for long distance ferry and train travellers – you will have no heavy bags to lug around.   It can also sometimes work out cheaper and less hassle for larger items such as bikes , ski equipment or golfing gear.
Check out the prices for various destinations on the SendMyBag Website

Of course  – if you are going to the UK  or France you could avoid all baggage charges by using the Ferries  instead.   See Irish Ferries or Stena