Ryanair Baggage Prices and Fees 2018

 Ryanair Baggage Prices and Fees 2018

Hand Luggage Changes
Ryanair no longer allow larger hand luggage in the cabin unless passengers pay for Priority Boarding.  (€5/£5  to €7/£7 per flight,  ) .  . More details on the New Ryanair Hand Luggage Rules here.

Checked Baggage Charges:
Ryanair’s checked baggage allowance is still up to 3 bags per person,  weighing up to 20kg each plus cabin luggage of upto 10kg. (See above)

The previous option of selecting checked bags with a weight of 15kg or less has been removed and now there is just one baggage weight option of “up to 20Kg”

The Ryanair website says the charges for a 20kg checked luggage now range from €25 to €40 per leg of a journey for each checked in bag .   They also mention that at” peak times and on certain destinations  a €10 supplement will be charged per flight” . But the baggage terms and conditions also say ….
“Fees may vary from time to time but it is the rates in force at the time you book and/or pay for your checked baggage allowance which apply.

We have noticed  in recent months –  that Ryanair were adjusting baggage prices in a similar way to flight prices. In many examples we looked at – the busy, popular flights had more expensive baggage fees. Or – maybe another way of looking at it is that booking early on less popular flights could mean cheaper baggage charges.

The Ryanair checked baggage fees will be be cheaper if you book them online at the same time as you book the flight.  Adding bags online after you have booked can cost €10 more per flight  and paying at the airport will cost more again. It is supposed to be a maximum of €50 for a 20kg bag .

Tip – Using the Ryanair App  : We have seen that that booking bags online afterwards sometimes gives different prices to using the Ryanair App.  Sometimes the App will be cheaper than doing it on the website – some people have reported it can be as much as €20 a bag cheaper.

Here are  some examples we found of Ryanair Baggage Charges  booked online  at the same time as booking the flight . (Checked Jan 2018) .

All figures are shown in Euro – but for UK customers it will be the same figure but in Pounds. (I.e – no currency conversion)

Domestic Flights Less that 2 hours:
(UK/Ireland flights are classed as domestic)

Bags up to 20kg there seem to be four  possible charges from €10 to €25
Off peak not busy
€15  Off peak busier
€20  “Mid Peak” i.e Weekend flights out of season
€25  High Peak Times (Christmas – Summer -Easter)

International  Flights

Again the actual price charged varies depending on factors such as how popular the flight is , the time of year or the day of the week.

We found charges varied from €15 to €35 per bag per flight.
Short Haul Off Peak
€25  Long Haul Off peak or Short Haul Peak
€35  Long haul + Peak Periods

There may well be other prices – but in our short survey of about 10 flights that is all we found. We didn’t find any baggage charges higher than €35 per flight  when we looked – and we checked peak season flights to places such as Tenerife.  It is possible the baggage prices will increase as flight dates get closer.

Paying for a 20kg bag at the airport could possibly cost as much as  €20 more – so you could end up paying as much as €60 (€120 for a return trip) for one 20kg  bag.

Peak times would typically be  Easter ;  1 June to 30  Sept  ;    &  from 21 Dec to 4 Jan inc.

(Long Haul flights would be to the Canaries )

Baby Items – with Ryanair , 2 items of baby equipment are carried free of charge per child – 1 pushchair plus one of the following items: car seat or booster seat or travel cot.

Ryanair Excess baggage charges are a massive €10 per kg per flight.

Hand luggage on Ryanair:

At the start of 2014 Ryanair began allowing 2 items of hand luggage. The first bag has a maximum size of  55cm x 40cm x 20cm   – the second is supposed to be a handbag or laptop or a shopping bag (up to 35cm x 20cm x 20cm).

Since Jan 15th 2018 –   Non Priority Boarding customers are only be allowed to bring one smaller carry-on bag on board the plane. Any bigger bags will have to be placed in the hold .  All cabin bags must be brought to the boarding gate where the bigger one will be placed in the hold. If you only have one bag and it is bigger than 35cm x 20cm x 20cm-  it will have to go in the hold.

Ryanair state that if  non-priority customers refuse to put their bag in the hold , they will not be allowed to travel and will not get a refund.

Priority Boarding passengers will still  be allowed to bring two carry-on bags on the aircraft. Priority boarding  costs from €5/£5 to €7/£7 per person per flight at the time of booking  –   More Information Here

Ryanair T&Cs

Alternatives:   A useful luggage delivery service is provided by Send My Bag . They will collect your bags from your house and deliver them to your destination overseas. (Door to Door) . This does mean you will have to send the bags a few days before you travel – but the prices are reasonable and it means you can travel light!  It could also mean cheaper and easier  transfers at the destination. Getting a bus without large bags is much easier and will usually be much cheaper than a taxi.  Walking will be an option too. Ryanair  allow 3 bags  each per person  – so if you are going for a long stay and have a lot of baggage it might be better to send it with SendMyBag.
It’s also a very good idea for long distance ferry and train travellers – you will have no heavy bags to lug around.    It can also sometimes work out cheaper and less hassle for larger items such as bikes , ski equipment or golfing gear.
Check out the prices for various destinations on the SendMyBag Website

For comparison – Aer Lingus  baggage charges booked online  are as follows:

Bags up to 15kg cost €20 per flight ( Ireland/UK/Paris )
Bags up to 15kg cost €35 per flight ( Mid distance)
Bags up to 15kg cost €50 per flight (  Longer Flights)

Bags up to 20Kg cost €25 per flight ( Ireland/UK / Paris)
Bags up to 20Kg cost €40 per flight ( Mid distance )
Bags up to 20Kg cost €55 per flight ( Longer flights)

Bags up to 25Kg cost €30 per flight ( Ireland/UK / Paris)
Bags up to 25Kg cost €45 per flight ( Mid distance )
Bags up to 25Kg cost €60 per flight ( Longer flights)

A fully collapsible push-chair/stroller is allowed free of charge with Aer Lingus for an infant or child booking, plus one of the following items: car seat, booster seat or travel cot.

Of course  – if you are going to the UK  or France you could avoid all baggage charges by using the Ferries  instead.   See Irish Ferries or Stena


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  1. I was on a flight from Faro to Knock this morning and a passenger in front of me in the queue was charged 50 euro for her 10kg bag that u bring on board, because it was about 2 inches taller than their regulations. and she had never got stopped on Ryanair flights before with the same luggage!! Just thought that it was a bit over the top to charge her that amount.

  2. Ryan air more like con air….people only think they are getting a deal but make sure on booking you include reserved seats if you are flying more than one and that if you bring checked luggage the price is both ways I.e £45 checked bad becomes £90 as you obviously will want to bring it home. We will likely never fly ryan air again cause the flight for two including 2 reserved seats and bag back and to cost a total of £135 on to the cost of the flight which we could of flew with alternative airlines for less in total. Buyers be aware!!

  3. As briefly mentioned above make sure to check the price of adding bags via Ryanair’s mobile App.

    Using desktop I was about to add a single bag for a return trip to Poland that was going to cost €85, then after reading this I checked the app and it only cost €65.00 there.

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