Ryanair Baggage Rules Changes

Ryanair were supposed to be making some changes to their baggage rules and charges in November this year.

(This has now been delayed until January 15th 2018)

Currently – Ryanair allow passengers 2 carry on bags  –  1 “normal”  hand luggage (55cm x 40cm x 20cm) plus a 2nd smaller bag such as a handbag or duty free shopping bag (35cm x 20cm x 20cm)

From November 1st 2017   Jan 15th 2018 – Ryanair say that Non Priority Boarding customers will only be allowed to bring one smaller carry-on bag on board the plane. Any bigger bags will have to be placed in the hold .  All cabin bags for non priority passengers will have to be brought to the boarding gate where the bigger one will be placed in the hold. If you only have one bag and it is bigger than 35cm x 20cm x 20cm-  it will have to go in the hold.

Ryanair state that if  non-priority customers refuse to put their bag in the hold , they will not be allowed to travel and will not get a refund.

Priority Boarding passengers will still  be allowed to bring two carry-on bags on the aircraft. Priority boarding  costs €5/£5 per person per flight at the time of booking  – so that is €10/£10 for a return trip. (It will cost €6/£6 if purchased later.)

There could be a rush for these handy “Ryanair” compliant small bags – available from Amazon.

We can see why  some people will be wary of putting their hand luggage in the hold – especially if there are fragile or expensive items in there.  If it’s just clothes – then there shouldn’t be a problem – but people will be concerned that laptops etc. could get damaged.

The best solution is probably to try and put items such as  laptops or tablets in a separate smaller bag and keep that with you on the plane . Of course – many laptop bags measure around 40cm by 30cm  or more – which exceeds the Ryanair size limits for smaller bags .
Not many laptops are going to fit in a bag of  35cm x 20cm x 20cm. (Of course – it depends how strict the staff are about checking bag sizes .)
So if you are bringing laptops etc. on a Ryanair flight it might be worth paying the extra €5 / £5 for priority boarding so you can keep all your hand luggage in the cabin with you . It will be cheaper than a laptop repair or replacement.

Changes to Checked Baggage Limits and Fees  :
Ryanair seem to have already made changes to their checked baggage limits.  (Sept 2017) . Their publicity information said these changes would happen in November – but we have seen they already seem to have happened (Sept 7th)  even for flights before November.
The previous two options for baggage weights of upto 15kg or upto 20kg have been reduced to just one single option of  upto 20kg  for all bags  in the hold.

Ryanair say they have also reduced the “standard charge” for a 20kg bag from €/£ 35 to €/£ 25 (single journey) .

In a recent survey we did of Ryanair baggage charges in June 2017 – we found that there were varying charges for a 20kg bag, ranging from  €15 to €50  depending on the destination and date of the  flight.  So it is not clear exactly what the charges werefor a 20kg bag until you actually booked a flight.

Under the new charging scheme we have seen charges of :
€10 each way  for 20kg bags on short flights in Oct/Nov 2017
€25 each way for Christmas flights to Portugal.
€35 each way for Chrismas flights to Lanzarote

The main reason behind all these changes – according to Ryanair – is to…
encourage more customers to check in bags and reduce the number of customers with 2 bags at the boarding gates.”

To be fair to Ryanair – we have seen how they have tried to get people to put their bags in the hold but passengers still take them on the plane then there are delays because some bags won’t fit in the lockers and have to be taken off.