Property Tax Form LPT1

The LPT1 form is the Return for the Local Property Tax – and it will  become familiar to at least 1.6 million homeowners in Ireland this year.

Revenue started  sending out LPT1 forms on 11th March –  and they reported that all 1.6 million had been issued by April 26th .
If you own a home and have not recieved a property tax form you will still be liable – so you should contact the Local Property Tax section – see contact details here .
The LPT1 forms were personalised and issued along with  a letter and  information leaflet   to all owners of private homes. The forms have to be returned until May 7th 2013.

The property tax letter and  form will be addressed to whoever the Revenue consider to be the property owner. If you are not the owner do not ignore the form because you will be assumed to be the liable person  if you do not get in touch to inform them who the owner is.

The LPT1 form will have a PIN number printed on the top right hand corner – and this PIN will be needed if you want to do an online return. Doing an online return gives you a three more weeks to complete because they don’t have to be done until May 28th.  LPT Return  Online Here

The LPT1 form asks you to supply your PPS Number.

The first section  of the LPT1 form asks owners to confirm if their  property is exempt from the Property Tax and select an exemption code letter from a list in the booklet that comes with the form.  See more here about Exemptions from the Property Tax

Next on the Local Property Tax Form – if you are not in an exempt property  – you  are  asked to declare  a valuation band number for your house .  You will not be expected to give an exact figure for the value of your house unless the value of the house is more than €1 Million.  You also have to enter the amount of property tax due for 2013.   You nust sign this declaration .
See here for the list of Property Tax Valuation Band Numbers  and Amounts

The next part of the LPT1 form (section D) is about how you want to pay the property tax. You have to choose 1 of several  options.

PAYMENT METHODS ( see Paying the Property Tax )

1. Pay Online – only available if you fill in the return online. You can pay online by debit card or credit card.
2. Pay in full by a single payment from your bank account. (This will be taken out on 21st July or later)

3. Pay by Monthly Direct Debit (On 15th of each month starting  July 15)

4. Deduction from your wages or occupational pension. You need to provide your PPSN  and your employers tax registration number from your P60

5 Deduction from your Dept. of Social Protection payments – i.e State Pension, Invalidity ,One Parent Family, Carers Allowance, Disability, Blind Pension

6 Deductions from Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine (DAFM) Payments . (Herd number must be supplied)

7  You can also choose to pay the full amount by  cheque, bank draft or postal order. The payment needs to be enclosed with the LPT1 Form when you return it.

8  You can choose to pay weekly or monthly installments by cash / debit card/ at Post Offices and other outlets .  Property Tax Payments are supposed to be made  in equal installments with the full amount to paid before 31 December 2013. More details of  Paying the Property Tax Here

Revenue say that a barcoded payment slip will be provided with the LPT1 form  – but that one slip will be well worn out after 6 months of weekly payments  !


If you meet certain conditions you will have the option to defer payment of the Property Tax .  There are four possible conditions for  deferral and you have to select which one of the 4 applies to you. See more here about Deferral of Property Tax  .

Sample LPT1 Form

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  1. my daughter gets mortgage interest relief as she has four children and her partner and herself are not working but they got a letter telling them they had to pay lpt….should they not be exempt

  2. I sent it off incomplete without payment details…will they contact me?

    • Treasa – if you are employed the default payment is deduction from salary . I would hope they contact you to inform you before they do that. If you want to pay by another method you should probably ring them .

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