Property Tax Phone Numbers

The Local Property Tax affects almost 2 million people. There are more people paying the property tax in Ireland than there are paying Income Tax.
The deadline for sorting out your payment method for 2019  was  November 23rd 2018   See more details of Property Tax 2019

If you need to contact the Property Tax section of Revenue these are the telephone and address details.

 Property Tax Phone Number: +353 (0) 1 738 3626


The Postal Address for Property Tax Section is :
LPT Branch, P.O. Box 1, Limerick

You can also use the Revenue’s  myAccount online system

17 thoughts on “Property Tax Phone Numbers

  1. My grandparents have not received there local property tax form in the post yet and Im wondering how do I order there form online. Get back to me straight away

  2. I did not recieve any letter about my property tax. Can you contact me please.

  3. Could you inform me the postel address to which i have to send my rerurn form and reciept

  4. I have sent 2 emails and tried ringing the 2 numbers provided for my lpt letter. I got no reply and have received no letter concerning my property.

    Aloma O’Halloran

  5. I have not received my propert tax form and today is the 3rd May.

  6. Have not received my assessment as yet for ***************oad, Dublin 6.

  7. I have not received my Property tax form yet in my Post in Ireland. Im german owning a holyday house in Mayo, Killala Deerpark. The house has built
    about 1930 an got repaired at about 1996. Am in the 45 Euro sec.
    I have paied the property Tax 2012 by credidt card online. The
    payment Code 2012 is 3GR7FUMQ3W76 Account Reference Code is
    DJ28JNP4. Am in Germany at the moment going over to Ireland in 3 weeks (17th of may).Could pay the tax cash in post office or
    county council office then. Do i need this special form(?)and how to get? Can you post the form to my irish adress? Can I pay by creditcard online? What to do? Birgit

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