Prescription Charges in Ireland

From July (date to be confirmed) 2020 , the prescription charges in Ireland are changing.
For medical card holders the charge is €1.50 for each item. (Decreased on July 1st from €2).

The maximum payable is €20 per month per person or family.

For people aged over 70, the prescription charge from July will be €1.00 per item, (reduced from €1.50) . There is a maximum fee of €15 per month per person or family.

Non-Medical card holders pay the full cost of prescriptions – but there is a scheme that caps expenditure at  €124 per month per family. (As part of Budget 2020, this monthly maximum will reduce to €114 from September 2020.)  . Drugs Payment Scheme

History of Prescription Charges in Ireland

Before 1 January 2018, the €2 per item charge applied for people over 70 ….but for those under the age of 70 the charge was €2.50 per item up to a maximum of €25 per month. In Budget 2018 the €2.50 charge was cut to €2

Prior to January 2013 Medical Card holders in Ireland didn’t have to pay anything for prescriptions.
From Jan 2013 the government introduced a charge of  €1.50 per item. (capped at €19.50 per month per family).

The government increased charges from €1.50 per item to €2.50 per item in Dec 2013.
They also increased the monthly cap on prescription charges for a family from  €19.50 to €25 (with medical card).

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