Payments of COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment

The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection has been doing a difficult job coping with the massive demand for the emergency COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment .
Well Done to all Welfare Staff


It was announced that The first COVID-19 for claims made between 13 –19 March were paid to customer’s bank accounts or Post Offices on Tuesday (24th March).

The Department said that all applications received by close of business on Thursday 26th March were processed and paid into customers bank accounts on Tuesday 31 March 2020.

Welfare said that applications received online through before 4pm on Friday 3rd April and which met the qualifying conditions were due to paid to customers’ bank accounts on Tuesday 7 April.

Note – all claims made before 24th March will get the first week at €203 and subsequent weeks at the revised rate of €350.

Some Payments went to Post Offices when claimants were expecting it to go to their bank- more about that here

About 46,000 claims were not paid for various reasons such as eligibility or errors on IBANs or PPSNs.
If you think you filled in wrong details you will probably be quicker to reapply here

The Dept of Welfare said they will write to people whose claims were invalid you to explain which of the above reasons applies to the rejection of their application. However, as they are faced with very high volumes of customer applications it will take some time for them to contact you.

Please note that they will never ask you to confirm bank details over the phone.


Originally we were told that these Pandemic payments would be for 12 weeks. This has now been amended to say “Covid Emergency payment will now be paid for the “duration of the crisis” – .

On 15th March) Minister Doherty said in a press release that ..
Payments will issue based on date of application, not date of processing, meaning that all payments will be backdated” .

Then on 31st March Minister Regina Doherty ,talking on Newstalk Radio , said that these payments could NOT be backdated because of IT system issues. But – she said everyone would be paid the full “12 weeks”.
…. – but since then the duration of the payment has been changed and is no longer 12 weeks .

On April 2nd – Welfare issued a press release and in it was the statement that the” initial payment will be €350, any arrears due back to their last date of employment will be calculated and paid at a future date.

On May 25th – Social Welfare said on their website that when a claim is closed “If you are due arrears you will be paid when your claim is reviewed. It may take a number of months before the Department will be able to review payments made to customers for the Pandemic Unemployment Payment. If you are due arrears you will be notified and receive payment. There is no need to take any further action.”

As at May 24th – as far as we are aware – nobody has received any backdated arrears ov the Covid Unemployment Payment.

Jobseekers Claims

We were originally told that all people still on this Covid payment after 12 weeks would be moved to Jobseekers Benefit.
That is no longer mentioned on the Welfare website. They just say that people with dependants/ children may be better off on Jobseekers.
It now seems that the Covid Emergency payment will continue until welfare decide it should stop. When that happens – if people are still unemployed they will probably need to claim Jobseekers Benefit/Allowance.

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(All other benefits have now been moved to fortnightly)

It is important to note that the department said they will only send these payments into Irish bank accounts or via the Post Office network
So if you entered a Revolut account , N26 or another EU account it won’t be paid there.
(This is actually against EU regulations – but is understandable in the circumstances in order to reduce potential fraud.)

We discovered an update on the welfare website on April 1st that stated “People who do not have an Irish bank account can apply for the standard jobseeker payment and opt for payment at a post office. The payment will be paid at the same rate as the Covid-19 payment”

Contact Details for Intreo Offices

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38 thoughts on “Payments of COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment

  1. Hi. Is The COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment paid into folk’s bank account or do they have to go to Post Office to collect it? Thanks.

  2. Hi, I am on JSA, I have now been laid off for the forseeable due to covid 19.
    Do I now have to fill in the covid 19 form

    Many thanks


    • I assume you were part time working and claiming for the days you werent working?
      According to Welfare

      If you are not working because of COVID-19, you should inform your local Intreo Centre that you are out of work – and you will get the full rate of jobseeker’s payment.

      You should not apply for any new payment during the COVID-19 pandemic.


      • Citizens Information states;

        People currently getting a social welfare payment

        If you lose your job or your hours at work are reduced

        If your income is a mixture of both earnings from employment and a social welfare payment and you lose your job because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you can apply for the new COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment.

  3. Hi lost my job threw covid 19 how can a get payment as I have not had pay n won’t be getting payment

  4. Hi I had to apply this morning for payment been officially out of work from today. So do I get a confirmation to say I got it and when will I have my first payment in my account

  5. Hi, I applied for this on the 15th/16th and haven’t reived payment yet when all my co workers got theres last week. Will I be backdated?

  6. Hi I applied on the 16th of March and have got one payment of €350 today and not the €203 from last week. It mentions that they are working on the backdated payments next, and more payments will be generated this week. So going by that is it safe to say that the €203 will be paid some day this week?

    • I wouldn’t be sure they would pay again this week. The best you can probably hope for is the backdating in next weeks. Not really sure what their plan is.

      • I’ve heard a few people say that once everything is back to normal then the revenue office will take back any surplus money from the 350 when compared to what you were usually earning. Is there any information to back this

      • I heard people that got the €350 today will get that for 12 weeks. People who got the €203 last week will now only get the €350 for 11 weeks from today.

      • That may or may not be true but it has not been made clear how this is working. The payment is for “up to ” 12 weeks.
        It could end before that.

  7. Hi,

    Thank you for the useful information.

    I am on temporary layoff, and have applied for the Covid 19 emergency payment.
    I received a notification on mywelfare saying that my application for emergency payment had been recieved, and it was awaiting review from an officer. The notification went on to say that if I was applying for the covid 19 unemployment payment, that I would also have yo apply for jobseeker’s allowance.
    Can you please advise if I must apply for jobseeker’s allowance to avail of the emergency payment?

    Thank you for your guidance.

    All the best,


    • The emergency payment is temporary. As far as I am aware everyone should b eapplying for jobseekers in case the lay offs go on more than 12 weeks.

      • Right, but I’m worried jobseeker’s allowance will cancel the emergency payment, and jobseeker’s is significantly less financial support

      • But it’s what everyone will go onto eventually if unemployment carries on.

  8. Hello, MGI. I live with at-risk folk (65+ and both with medical conditions). Can I ask my employer to be laid off to get the COVID-19 unemployment payment? I don’t want to risk getting multiple buses to and from work and end up getting the coronavirus and passing it onto them. Thanks.

  9. hi just wondering how will I know when the payments for covid19 hag to apply today after I was layed off over covid

  10. Hi Roberta here I got the fuel allowance lump sum the fuel allowance the fuel allowance has extended to 8 of May will I get the extra payment of the fuel allowance

  11. Hi i applied for the ilness covid payment on 15th heard nothing. re applied a week ago got paid still nothing and cant get through to anybody..
    is the ilness, paid on same days as pandemic unemployment? or is it payed on a different run.meaning i have to wait until 7th April to get paid?

    • 7th april is next payment for Pandemic payment . If you haven;t heard – best to reapply online

  12. Hi I was working 3 days a week in hotel on a rehabilitative basis and receiving disability allowance, can I apply for covid payment please

    • I Mary, I am on disability and work partime. My boss had to close until he is allowed to open again. I have applied for the Covid payment.

  13. I have a friend that was working 19 hrs getting the min wage which she brought home 190 she also got 245 on her fis total 435 now she laid off she getting. Fis and 350 covid 19 she is better off sitting on her ass at home I was laid off my job and went out and got another job so I can’t apply I’m getting 75 on swa and 240 from my job how is that fair I’m getting do much less for working and alot of people sitting at home getting more

  14. Hi
    I applied for Covid19 emergency payment on the 18th March after being told the business was closing the day before… I received my first payment on Tues 31st March exactly 2 weeks after being let go. Will I be backdated for the week missed or am I assuming I just get 12 payments from the date of the first payment hitting my account?

    • Have a read of the article again – it’s explained there. Welfare now say they will sort ot backdating eventually and that the payments will continue for the “duration of the crisis”

  15. Hi
    I have been out of work since the 13th of March. I revived my first payment of €350 today, 7th. Do you have any idea when the backdated payments will be made ?

  16. I applied for the covid19 unemployment payment on the 16th march , to-day the 7th of April I received €350 . Will I not be getting any payment backdated for the other weeks that I didn’t work .

    • As it states in the above article
      ” Welfare have now changed the documentation on their website and it states that the initial payment will be €350, “any arrears due back to their last date of employment will be calculated and paid at a future date. “

  17. Hi I am a college student working part time on a Saturday. I have no Saturday work due to covid19. Am I entitled to anything?

  18. Hi I applied for covid 19 on 29th of march last day i was working was 20th march(I signed some document at work so they said I don’t have to do anything but then I miss email they said I have to apply online myself) is back payment is from last day I was working or day i applied for?I have received only 350 on Friday 10th April(on bank statement is 14th April) is that mean I won’t get anything this week?

    • As it states in the article above – Welfare have said “backdating will be done at a future date”

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