Christmas 2018 Social Welfare and Pensions Payment Arrangements

Social Welfare and Pensions Payment Arrangements  for Christmas 2018

Note: If you are looking for information about the 2018 Christmas Bonus for Pensioners and Welfare recipients you need to look at this link here : 2018 Christmas Bonus

All of the Department of Social Protection’s offices will be closed on Tuesday 25th December, Wednesday 26th December 2018 and Tuesday 1st January 2019.

All the Banks in Ireland will close on Monday 24th December 2018 and will not re-open until  Friday 28th December 2018 .
Post Offices will close at 1pm on Dec 24th and will not reopen until Friday 28th December.
Post Offices and Banks will also be closed on 1st January 2019
There will be no mail delivery or collection on December 25th ,26th or 27th 2018.

Social Welfare Payment Arrangements for Christmas 2018

  • 1. Payments for People who are paid weekly and collect their payments at Post Offices. Week commencing 17th December 2018  ..

    • All people who are paid weekly and collect their payments at Post Offices or are paid by cheque – will receive their normal payment plus an advance/double payment for the following week.
    • This double payment will be made in the week beginning Monday 17th December 2018 along with your usual payment for that week on your usual payment day.
    • There will be no “regular” weekly payments during the week beginning Monday 24th December 2018 .
    • Any payments due for Tuesday 1st January 2019 may be collected from Friday 28th December 2018.

  • 2. Supplementary Welfare Allowance Paid Monthly for Collection at Post Office

    • Payments due for collection week commencing the 24 December 2018 may be collected on your normal collection day during the week beginning the 17th December 2018
    • Child Benefit
      Payments due for collection on Tuesday 1 January 2019 may be collected on 31st December 2018.


  • 3 . Payments for People who get Weekly Payments Direct to Bank Accounts.
    • Most people ( see below for exceptions) who get paid weekly direct to bank accounts will receive their normal payment and an advance payment during the week beginning Monday 17th December, 2018. (A double payment )
    • No payments will be made in the week beginning Monday 24th December 2018. The next payment will be in the week beginning Dec 31st 2018.
      The following exceptions apply... Maternity Benefit , Paternity Benefit and Health & Safety Benefit will not get a double week.
    • Payments due on Tue 1st January 2019 will be credited to accounts on Mon  31st December 2018.
    • See item (7) below for information about casual Jobseeker claimants.

4. People who get Monthly Payments into Banks :

Monthly payments   due in the  week commencing the 24 December 2018 are expected to be paid on your normal payment day but  one week earlier (i.e.during the week beginning the 17th December 2018).

5. Foreign payments into banks that are due during the week beginning 24th December 2018 will be paid instead during the week beginning 17th December 2018.

6. Child Benefit will be in bank accounts by Tuesday Jan 1st 2019 . (It may be there early in some cases on 29th or 31st Dec)

7. Casual Jobseekers

If you claim Jobseeker’s Allowance or Benefit on a casual basis, you will need to return your dockets for the signing weeks ending 10/11 December, 18/19 December, and 25/26 December to your local Intreo Centre or Branch Office on or before 10 December 2018.

Where dockets are provided by this date, two payments covering the signing weeks ending 18 and 25 December or 19 and 26 December will be paid into accounts on Friday, 21 December.

Normal payment arrangements will resume from Tuesday, 8 January 2019.

Note: All these dates have yet to be confirmed by the Department – but based on previous years , we fully expect these dates to be correct.

If you are looking for information about the 2018 Christmas Bonus for Pensioners and Welfare recipients see here : 2018 Christmas Bonus


Electricity and Gas Price Comparison

cheapest gas irelandWhat are the Cheapest Options For Switching Both Gas and Electricity Providers in Ireland ?

Updated December 3rd 2018 

Our latest Electricity and Gas Price comparison shows that, for average usage  households ,  switching energy supplier could save over €300 in just one year.

Hundreds of thousands of people in Ireland have never switched energy providers. Recent figures show that around  half of all electricity and gas customers  have never switched supplier.
Of those that have switched to get a cheaper deal  – 51% have just gone back on the default standard rates after the discounted rate ended.

Note: The price comparisons below are based on what might be typical usage in a medium sized house, using gas for both heating and hot water. ( 11000 Kwh of  Gas and 4200 kwH of Electricity a year .) The prices include any cashback offers.

We have assumed that the household is currently on the standard rate of Electricity with Electric Ireland and on the standard rates for gas with Bord Gais Energy. The total charge for both fuels would be €1823 in the next 12 months –  if paying bills as received ,not by direct debit.

Switching Dual Fuel – Same Supplier :

  1. If you are with Electric Ireland – the current best price for switching both fuels is  on the Energia website using the promo code CHEAPDUAL .
    You will get €50 cashback and 29% off their standard electricity rate and 28% off their gas rates for a year. This deal will work out at €1483  in the first year – a saving of €340.
    From Jan 1st 2019 – this price will increase to €1574 (including the €50 cashback). This will still be cheaper than the current next best dual fuel deal from Bord Gais Energy (€1580) – which is also likely to be increased early in 2019.
  2.  If you are not already with Electric Ireland – the best value switching deal for a dual fuel bundle will be from  Electric Ireland . With a €200 cashback offer – it works out at  €1473 over the first year . They have promised not to raise prices until March 2019. If they do raise prices by say 6% – it would bring the total annual price to about €1543 . This would still be lower than the post January Energia price and the current (pre increase) deal from Bord Gais Energy .


 Switching to Separate Suppliers for Gas and Electricity  :

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Christmas Bonus Payment 2018 : Pensions and Welfare

As confirmed in Budget 2019  – A Christmas Bonus of 100% will be paid in the first week of December 2018 to pensioners and long term welfare recipients.

Payment of the annual Christmas Bonus  will be made to about 1.3 million people. (About 900,000 recipients and an estimated 400,000 dependents).

Last year (2017) – the Christmas bonus was 85% of the normal weekly rate. This year it will be increased back up to 100% .
The cost of a paying this 100% Bonus  in 2018 is estimated at €265 million . By comparison – the total  Budget 2019 reductions in income tax and USC  for all of 2019 will come to a total of €291 million.

2018 Christmas Bonus Payment Dates : –

The 2018 bonus will be paid out to eligible people, along with their normal weekly payments, between December 3rd 2018 and December 7th 2018.

The Christmas Bonus will be 100% of the normal weekly pension or benefit payment (including the Living Alone Increase, the Island Allowance and the Over-80 Increase). So all recipients will get double their normal weekly payment.

The Christmas Bonus does not include Fuel Allowance or Rent Allowance.

The minimum Christmas Bonus payment is €20 .

(Note: The Christmas bonus should not be confused with the annual  “double week” of welfare and pension payments made just before Christmas. (This is where one week’s payment is made in advance because of bank and post office closures.). Find out more here about the  Christmas Payment Arrangements 

For a List of all Pensions and Benefits that are eligible for the 2018 Christmas Bonus – see below :

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