Cheapest Gas Prices in Ireland

Gas Prices in Ireland Compared  (For New customers only)
Checked February 19th  2017

Bord Gais Energy (who are owned by Centrica) have 4 competitors for the supply of Natural Gas in Ireland – FlogasSSE Airtricity , Electric Ireland and Energia . But which supplier has the cheapest
Shown below is a gas price comparison based on an average annual  gas usage of  11150 kwH per year .  This is typical usage for a medium sized household using gas for heating and hot water. We have worked out the savings that could be made in the first year for someone currently on Bord Gais Energy standard rates.

Figures correct as at Feb 19th 2017   ( including VAT ,  standing charges and carbon tax) Rounded to the nearest Euro.

Supplier First Year
in Year
Electric Ireland DD Ebills ** Cashback €533 €231 €92 5.13
SSE Airtricity ***
€570 €194 €96 4.903
Flogas 22% Discount
€621 €143 €91 4.451
DD +ebill
€694 €70 €92 4.99
Bord Gais Std  Rate €764 0 €93 5.742

**  Electric Ireland price includes €175 cashback

*** SSE price includes €120 cashback if joined online at

As you can see from the comparison above –  a Bord Gais  customer on standard rates not paying by direct debit , using  111150 kwH of gas a year would save  €231 over the first  year on their gas bill if they switched to Electric Ireland for gas. and paid by direct debit (Includes €175 cashback and it is a 12 month contract with a €50 penalty for leaving early.)

If you are already getting your natural gas from  Electric Ireland  – then the best deal in this case would be to switch to SSE Airtricity    You can get a personalised energy price comparison at the  website

Be aware that on the comparison sites such as Switcher – they don’t include cashback offers when calculating the annual charges.  So – don’t assume that the cheapest deal they show at the top of the list will actually be the best deal. You need to add on any cashback offers to work out the savings over 12 months.

Tip – 12 months after switching energy supplier you should look at switching again to get the best deal . It only takes a few minutes .

All gas users also use electricity – so you might get a better overall deal if you get both your gas and electricity from the same supplier. See our page on Dual Fuel Prices Compared

See our page on Cheapest Electricity in Ireland here.

Some energy  providers often have discount or promotional codes – check our Discount Alert page for any currrent codes.

If you have an older gas boiler – you could cut your bills even  more by upgrading to a new efficient condensing boiler. There are government backed grants available to help – and you could cut your gas bills by as much as 20% .
See more here about Grants for new Gas Boilers

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Grants for Home Repairs for Pensioners

Financial assistance of up to €8000 Euro is available via local authorities under a scheme called “Housing Aid for Older People” .

The Grants for Home Repairs for Pensioners are for people aged 66 years or older, who are living in poor housing conditions. (In cases of genuine hardship a local authority may also assist people under age 66.) You should apply for the scheme as early in the year as possible as many local authorities run out of funding as early as May although some councils keep a small emergency fund for extreme cases.

The grant can only be paid to owner occupiers or to people who are buying their house from the local authority under the Tenant Purchase Scheme.
In 2016 the average grant payment under this scheme was €3658
In 2016 a total of €7.4 million was paid out for 2023 properties.
Cork County Council paid ou the most in 2016 – €963,000 . Louth County Council didn’t  pay out any grants under this scheme in 2016.

All the various local authorities have different guidelines regarding the type of work they will award grants for.   You should check with your own local authority to see which types of work they will cover.  In general ,  only essential repairs that make a property habitable will be covered under the scheme.   This would typically include things such as :

Roof repairs or re-roofing
The provision of water, sanitary services and central heating
The replacement of  windows or doors will be considered  on a case by case basis and only those considered essential will be replaced under the scheme. (Some councils seem to exclude door and window replacement from their grant schemes – but it may be worth applying and appealing if you get refused)

It is a means tested grant.  The maximum grant of 95% of the cost of works (Maximum of  €8000)  can be given to households where the total annual household income is less than €30,000.  (That is €576 a week)
So a single person or a couple on just a full state pension would easily qualify under income rules
The grant  is also  prioritised on medical needs.  People for whom alterations or adaptations would facilitate their discharge from hospital or the continuance of care in their own home will get the highest priority .
The local authorites have a fixed budget to spend and they decide who gets it. There is an appeal process.

Households with income under €30,000  can get 100% of the cost ( Max €8000)
Households with income from €30,000 – €35,000  can get 85% of the cost ( Max €6,800)
Households with income from €35,001 – €40,000  can get 75% of costs (Max €6,000)
Households with income from €40,001 – €50,000 can get 50% of the cost (Max €4,000)
Households with income from €50,001 – €60,000 can get 30% of the cost (Max  €2,400)
Households with income over €60,000 a year do not qualify.

Contact your Local Authority to get a claim form and to find out more details.


Rent Increase Restrictions in Rent Pressure Zones

The government introduced the concept of Rent Pressure Zones at the end of 2016 –  (24th Dec) covering Dublin and Cork City. These zones were then expanded on January 27th 2017. See below for full list of areas covered.

Rent Increase restrictions in Rent Pressure Zones.

rent pressure zones


If your rented property is located in a Rent Pressure Zone – then the  rent cannot be increased by more than 4% a year. This restriction on rent increases will remain in place for a maximum period of three years  and will apply both when rents are set at the start of a tenancy and when rents are reviewed during an ongoing tenancy.

In general, your landlord has the right to review the rent once every 2 years.  (See more details about timespan between rent increases here)   But in Rent Pressure Zones , under the new Rent Predictability Measure, annual rent increases will be allowed in future ( capped at 4% per year.)
This is the full list of areas covered by the Rent Pressure Zones as at Jan 27th 2017


  • Dublin City Council
  • South Dublin County Council
  • Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown
  • Fingal co Council
Co Kildare
  •  Naas
  •  Sallins
  •  Celbridge
  •  Leixlip
  • Newbridge
  • Rathangan

Co Meath

  • Laytown
  • Julianstown
  • Duleek
  • Bettystown
  • Ashbourne
  • Ratoath
  • Dunboyne
  • Dunshaughlin

Co Wicklow

  •  Bray
  •  Enniskerry
  •  Wicklow

Co Galway

  • Galway City Central
  • Galway City East
  • Galway City West

County  Cork

  • Cork City
  • Ballincollig
  • Carrigaline
  • Douglas
  • Passage West

Some examples of allowable rent increases in Rent Pressure Zones here