Gas Prices in Ireland Compared

Gas Prices in Ireland Compared  (For New customers only)
Checked  August 3rd 2018

Bord Gais Energy (who are owned by Centrica) now have 6 competitors for the supply of Natural Gas to households in Ireland – Flogas ,  SSE Airtricity , Electric Ireland , Energia , Just Energy and Panda Power.

But which supplier has the cheapest gas prices in Ireland ?

Shown below is a gas price comparison based on an annual  gas usage of  11000 kwH per year .  This is typical usage for a medium sized household using gas for heating and hot water. We have worked out the savings that could be made in the first year for someone currently on Bord Gais Energy standard rates switching to another provider. We have shown the cheapest switching deals from each supplier over 12 months.
(The prices  take account of the price increases from all suppliers in August)

As you can see from the comparison below –  a Bord Gais Energy  customer on standard rates not paying by direct debit , using 11000 kwH of gas a year would save  €137 over the first  year on their gas bill by switching to Electric Ireland for gas(Price includes €75 cashback and it is a 12 month contract payable by direct debit)

Figures include VAT ,  standing charges and carbon tax. Rounded to the nearest Euro. (Updated to take account of all price increases from August )

Supplier First Year
in Year
Electric Ireland DD Ebills ** €680 €137 €99 5.541
Just Energy *
€700 €117 €32.71 5.643
€702 €115 €102 5.057
Panda Power ***
€710 €74 €93 5.5
SSE Airtricity (10% rebate)
€744 €73 €96 5.5
€770 €47 €104 5.63
Bord Gais Std  Rate €817 0 €99 6.11

**  Electric Ireland price includes €75 cashback

* Just Energy rates are fixed for 12 months

*** Panda price is an exclusive deal via Switcher

As you can see from the comparison above –  a Bord Gais Energy  customer on standard rates not paying by direct debit , using 11000 kwH of gas a year would save  €137 over the first  year on their gas bill by switching to Electric Ireland for gas(Price includes €75 cashback and it is a 12 month contract payable by direct debit)

If you are already getting your gas supplied by  Electric Ireland  – then the best deal  for you would be to switch to  Just Energy  –  which works out at €700 over 12 months. (A saving of  €117 in year one)

Be aware that  Irish energy comparison sites  don’t include cashback offers when calculating the total annual charges.  So, don’t always assume that the supplier they show at the top of their list will actually be the best deal for you. You need to add on any cashback offers to work out the total savings over 12 months. (We have done that for you in the table above)

Tip – 12 months after switching energy supplier you should always look at switching again to get the best deal . It only takes a few minutes .

All gas users also use electricity – so you might get a better overall deal if you get both your gas and electricity from the same supplier. See our page on Dual Fuel Prices Compared

See our page on Cheapest Electricity in Ireland here.

Some energy  providers often have discount or promotional codes – check our Discount Alert page for any currrent codes.


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Budget 2019 Forecasts

Budget 2019 won’t be announced until October 9th 2018   – but already we are getting some hints of what might  be included in the upcoming Budget.

The latest information we have is from the Government’s  Mid Year Expernditure Report.  Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe says he is targeting a budget package of €3.4 billion – but €2.6 billion of that has already been committed to various expenditure measures.

This leaves just €800 million for allocation on budget day.

Minister Donohoe had previously stressed that the chances of  spending increases and tax cuts in Budget 2019 would be limited because of  previously agreed Budget commitments.

What Might Happen in Budget 2019 ?

Mr Donohoe had previously hinted at plans to make changes to the Local Property Tax, which is still calculated on 2013 property values. But he said any changes would be “modest” and are not expected to affect homeowners until 2020.

Some small cuts to Income Tax and USC are also expected in Budget 2019 .
The income threshold at which the 40% income tax rate kicks in – will possibly be increased. So higher earners will see reductions in tax .

USC thresholds could also be adjusted – so that lower earners will pay less USC.

Increased excise duty on diesel is also a big possibility – to bring it in line with petrol.

The reduced VAT rate of 9% on tourism related services will be looked at again – and may well be increased to 13.5% or even 23%

Carbon tax may well be increased .

We also expect some changes to duty on alcohol and / or tobacco. Alcohol duty has not been touched since 2014.

Capital Gains Tax could be reduced in an effort to stimulate the economy. Currently at 33%,  it might be cut to 31% or 32% in 2019.

Welfare benefits and sate pensions are likely to be increased again this year – but maybe not as much as  €5 a week for everyone (as in 2018 and 2017). It might be more targeted this year.
Between 2015 and 2018 we have seen a 5.6% increase in the value of pensions and  most other welfare payments have seen an increase of 2.7%. Over the same period the Harmonised Consumer Price Index only went up by 1.8%.


Cheapest Electricity Provider

Many thousands more have never switched electricity provider  – (about 36% of households)  and  these people could save in the region of €200 to €300  in just 12 months on electricity bills if they changed supplier.

Electric Ireland  (formerly ESB)  used to be the only domestic Electricity Provider  in Ireland – but since deregulation in 2011 , thousands of households have switched to suppliers such as  SSE Airtricity , Energia or Bord Gais Energy  in order to get cheaper electricity prices.

The electricity switching market is competitive,  with companies regularly doing special offers, discount codes or other promotions such as cashback.

Who has the Best Electricity Deal in Ireland in August 2018 ?

We carried out a quick comparison of Electricity prices in Ireland for new customers in August 2018 and this is what we found: (Figures include all recent price increases and Bord Gais Energy’s increase due on Aug 6th)

Higher Usage:
Electricity usage will be higher in larger homes with 4 or more occupants –  and also in smaller households that use only electricity for heating and hot water.  Electricity consumption figures of 6000 kwH or more per year would be possible for higher usage households . The current best switching deal for someone using these amounts of electricity would be with  Energia .

Energia  have a special offer only available online through the Energia website. You need to enter the promo code CHEAPELEC and this will get you 29% off their standard electricity rates for 12 months and  €50 cashback .
This would work out at €1140 in the first year. (Paying by Direct Debit).  This is a saving of €264 compared to Electric Ireland’s standard rates .

Medium Usage
For medium sized homes that use gas , oil  or solid fuel to provide heating and hot water ,  an annual electricity usage  of about 4200 Kwh a year would be typical. (This is the average national usage.)
The best deal currently would be to switch your electricity to Bord Gais Energy with €175 cashback  – working out at €830 over the first year. A saving of €232 compared to staying on Electric Ireland’s standard rates.

If you are already with BGE  for electricity – the next  cheapest deal  for average usage is available direct from  Energia  . This offer works out at €865 ( with a  29% discount and €50 cashback) and is only available  online with Promo code CHEAPELEC at the Energia Website 

Low Usage – smaller households will use less electricity. Typical usage for a 1 or 2 person household that doesn’t use electricity for heating – would be 3000kwh per year. On Electric Ireland’s standard rates – paying bills as they arrive – this would cost €835 a year. You could cut this by €218 in the first 12 months by switching to Bord Gais Energy.(€617 including €175 cashback).

(Note: If you are already with Bord Gais Energy for your Electricity supply – then the best deal for you is to switch back to Electric Ireland and get €150 cashback which brings the year one price to €653 ) 

In all cases – after the first 12 months , households should look into switching again to obtain the best deal.

See a Summary of the cheapest Electricity  prices here

If you also have gas – take a look at  our  Dual Fuel Price Comparison 

Cashback offers are not included in comparison sites calculations – but we include them. So don’t assume the cheapest deal shown on the comparison sites are actually the best available. Cashback offers can often make a very big difference to the overall cost.

You should really think about switching your energy supplier every 12 months to take advantage of all these special offers – otherwise most providers will just put you back on their standard rates after the first year.
It only takes a few minutes – and as we have shown it can easily save you in the region of €200 just on electricty bills over a year.

Figures correct 2nd August 2018

electricity comparison


Energia Promotional Codes

Energia promotional codes are sometimes available that allow new customers to get extra discounts on their  gas and electricity rates when signing up online.


energia promotional codes

The current Energia Promotional code (August 2018)  for Dual fuel is –  CHEAPDUAL . Using this code online will get you  29% off their electricty rates and 28% off gas PLUS a €50 credit to your account.

We estimate that an average  medium sized urban household with  gas for both heating and hot water would use about 11000 KwH of gas a year. Electricity usage in such a home would typically be about  4200 Kwh a year.

If this type of household has never switched,  and are still paying energy bills by cheque or cash ,their annual fuel bill would be a total of €1855 a year.

Switching to Energia  direct on the Energia website and using the Promo Code CHEAPDUAL would end up costing that household  €1540 in the first year. (Paying by Direct Debit).
This is saving of €315

There is a better dual fuel bundle deal available  from Panda Power  –  they have a special offer available via of 28% off their normal rates. That works out at  €1502 over the first year .

See  our Dual Fuel Price Comparison for more up to date figures.

Figures checked Aug 1st  2018

Electricity Prices Compared 

Gas Price Comparison

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Energia only began offering gas and electricity to residential customers in Ireland in January 2014 and they already supply electricity to about 65,000 customers and gas to around 35,000 .

The main thing to realise is – that if you are stuck on old ESB/Bord Gais standard rates you can save significant amounts by changing your supplier or even just by switching to paying by Direct Debit and getting eBills.