One Big Switch – A Review of their Latest Dual Fuel Offer.

One Big Switch Ireland has a Dual Fuel switching offer running at the moment (Started Jan 20th 2020) .

The dual-fuel offer from OneBigSwitch is with Bord Gais Energy and it includes a free Hive Hub and accessories worth €159.

This deal works out, for average energy usage, at €1742 in year one .

This currently works out €249 more expensive than Energia’s best deal of €1493 in year one.

You can see the full offer terms and conditions if you join One Big Switch with no obligation to buy anything – on the One Big switch website.

You just have to register with your email address and county to enable you to see the full details of this offer and apply for it if you want to.

You can compare this offer to other supplier prices on our page about the Best Dual Fuel Deals Here

One Big Switch launched in Ireland in 2014. They work by getting large numbers of people ‘onboard’ and then use this market power to try and get good deals from suppliers of energy, broadband and insurance. (They make a commission for each customer they get.)

They started in Australia where they have around 1 million “members”. Here in Ireland, almost 186,000 people are registered with One Big Switch.

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  1. Hi Lynda
    The Energia price of €1470 is correct. It includes a €50 cashback which would not be shown on Bonkers.
    The One Big Switch prices are not on Bonkers

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