One Big Switch – A Review of their Dual Fuel Offer.

One Big Switch launched in Ireland in 2014. They work by getting large numbers of people ‘onboard’ and then use this market power to try and get good deals from suppliers of energy , broadband and insurance. (They make a commission for each customer they get.)

They started in Australia where they have around 1 million “members”. Here in Ireland, almost 179,000 people are registered with One Big Switch.

one big switch

One Big Switch has a Dual Fuel switching offer running at the moment which might be of interest to anyone thinking of upgrading their heating controls to one of the latest “Smart Home” systems. The dual fuel smart home bundle offer includes:-

  • Netamo Smart Thermostat (Including installation)
  • Amazon Echo Show 5
  • Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker with Alexa

The energy provider is Energia – and with this bundle, their gas unit price is discounted by 19% and electricity rates by 20%. Plus you get €50 cashback.

Now – this works out, for average energy usage, at €1729 in year one.
This is €211 more expensive than going direct to Energia’s best deal where it would work out at €1470 in year one.

Howeverif you want or need the smart thermostat and Amazon Echo items it could be worth goimg with One Big Switch.
The Netamo price (installed) is listed as being worth €329 *
An Amazon Echo Show 5 retails at £79.99 on Amazon – (about €90)
An Amazon Echo Dot costs £49.99 on Amazon (about €56)

So- the 3 “smart” items in the bundle are worth a total of €475.
That makes the effective price in year one for average usage: €1254 (€1729 minus €475 ) Which is €216 cheaper than the best switching offer from Energia.

Another way of looking at it is – if you opted for the lowest price deal from Energia and then paid for the three items in the bundle yourself – it would cost you €1945 over 12 months. With the One Big Switch offer it is costing €1729 (€216 less). (All figures based on average energy usage over 12 months)

* (You could buy the Netamo smart thermostat for £149.99 (€166) on Amazon but you will probably then need to pay someone to install it – which could cost between €100 and €200)

There are a few eligibility terms and conditions for getting the free Netamo thermostat. For example :
Your current heating system must be a Single Zone heating system –i.e. the boiler heats both hot water and radiators at the same time with no ability to separate them, and there is no separation between upstairs and downstairs. Also- your home must have been built prior to 2006.

The full list of terms is available to see on the One Big switch website.
9ou just have to register with your email address and county to enable you to see the full details of this offer and apply for it.

This offer was still valid on October 19th 2019. (There is a 14 day cooling-off period if you change your mind)

You can see our page on the Best Dual Fuel Deals Here

3 thoughts on “One Big Switch – A Review of their Dual Fuel Offer.

  1. Hi
    How long should it take to receive dot and speaker.
    I got the netatmo after 3 weeks of signing up.
    I signed up for gas and electric.
    Thank you

    • Hi Lynda
      The Energia price of €1470 is correct. It includes a €50 cashback which would not be shown on Bonkers.
      The One Big Switch prices are not on Bonkers

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