Kindle Fire and Kindle Paperwhite in Ireland

The  Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD have been available available  to buy in Ireland from Amazon UK  since 2013.

All  New  Kindle Fire range  now available here  prices start at £49.99.

The full Amazon app store is available to Irish residents – giving Kindle Fire buyers  access to millions of apps, games, books, audio books and magazines.

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Will the Kindle Fire Work in Ireland ?

When it was first launched – any  Kindle Fire  bought in the US or UK would only function  in Ireland  as an eReader –   the  apps and movies were not available here. But since April 2013  things changed and  Kindle apps can now  be downloaded and purchased in Ireland from the Amazon UK Kindle Store .

If you just want to read books – then the Kindle Paperwhite  is what you need. You can  buy it here from Amazon  with delivery to Ireland.   . The price for the Kindle  Paperwhite Touch WiFi delivered to Ireland from Amazon UK  is  £109.99  –  which is about  €120  Euro .

Amazon still sell the  original basic Kindle (non touch) . This is the  cheapest Kindle on Amazon and is priced  at just  £59.99 – which comes to  around €70 Euro delivered to Ireland.

You can buy loads more stuff online at Amazon with free delivery to Ireland.  If you join Amazon Prime you get access to hundreds of free movies and free 2 day delivery to Ireland on Prime products.  Free Trial Available of Amazon Prime

Take a look at this page to find out more about Amazon Free Delivery  to Ireland


17 thoughts on “Kindle Fire and Kindle Paperwhite in Ireland

  1. My son is looking for a Kindle Fire, we are living in Ireland. if I buy one from america will it have all the applications


  2. what if i still buy the kindle fire as a christmas present for someone in dublin. the technology will be in place in ireland in a little while,wontit?. so it could still be used from the beginning but not to its best?

  3. I got a friend in us to buy & post it on to me. I love my kindle fire well worth the money. Hope it wont be too long a wait to buy apps & music.

  4. Have you tried buying it and getting it delivered to the person in the UK ? Then they can send it on to you .

  5. Hi l live in Dublin and got the Kindle Fire HD last week.
    My daughter in living in the UK and got it delivered to her address and surprised me with it last weekend when she came home.I think it is great l am really pleased with it, the only problem is, it will not let me download APPs, books download with no problems.l had to re-register it to my address it was easy enough to do.Would anyone know how to download APPs on to it or will l have to wait until such time as it arrives in Ireland.

  6. you will need a uk address uk account and uk server to be able to download apps and games, get your daughter to to download the apps and games onto the kindle before sending it over to you.

  7. Just wondering has there been any update on the availibility of the kindle fire in Ireland?my dad is looking to buy one but we have had no luck so far!

  8. I have received a kindle fire as a present and at first I was very pleased with the product. however when i tried to download an app (which is a similer precedure to android) i got a message to say that I needed a US credit card and US address. I emailed kindle looking for a solution and I recieved a polite reply telling me that at this time only people in US UK Spain France Germany and Italy can have these apps. It seems that we here in Ireland are secondclass customers of Kindle and as of today they have no plans to allow us to use their product. they did hint in their reply that if I take my kindle to one of the above mentioned contries I would be able to download the games and apps there.
    I would urge you not to bother with kindle as it is more trouble than it’s worth. There are lots of alternitives on the market but kindle is a waste of your time.

    • Martin – at last the Kindle Fire and the appstore will be available in Ireland.

  9. Ok I understand that Kindle Fire is not for sale and apps and games will not work on it in Ireland…. Simple question…. Will it ever be available and fully working sometime in the near future, or should I give up on it and look to buy something else ??

  10. I am getting a gift from USA of a kindle fire.Will I I be able to download apps and games on it here in Ireland on a Kindle bought in the States?

  11. I just got a 7″ kindle fire and apps are working now, however Netflix app is still not available here by looks of it sadly, my account is linked with

    • Mark – I have seen reports elsewhere of people using Netflix on Kindle Fire in Ireland – it should work here. What is the problem with it?

  12. I was looking at buying a 2nd hand Kindle Fire from the UK, I wonder am I asking for trouble as the settings will already be set for the UK?

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