Panda Power Now Doing Gas as well as Electricity

The company behind Panda Waste  launched a new electricity supply company called Panda Power back in June 2015 – it became the seventh  domestic supplier of electricity in Ireland.
Now in March 2018 they have also started supplying gas to homes.

Since deregulation we have seen Bord Gais Energy , SSE Airtricity , and Energia all competing with the semi state provider – Electric Ireland (formerly ESB). There are also the two pre-pay suppliers – Prepay Power and Pinergy.

PandaPower  were  initially aiming to attract customers who already use them for waste collection services – but any household in Ireland can become a customer of Panda Power.

The electricity pricing at launch was  fairly competitive – with discounted pricing for the first year . At first glance the Panda Power unit prices look good but they are not currently the cheapest overall deal for electricity switchers out there.
Their dual fuel offering of gas and electricity is not the cheapest out there either – but for high usage households it works out as the best. See our current  Dual Fuel Prices Compared .

More About Panda:  Panda is one of the country’s largest waste and recycling companies. The operations are controlled by an Isle of Man company called Adnap Holdings (panda backwards) which is owned by  Eamon Walters and its directors are Eamon and Noel Walters, both of Navan, Co Meath .

Panda Power state that they only sell green electricity which is generated from renewable resources such as solar, wind and wave energy.
It is not clear how they will be able to ensure this 100% as their customer numbers grow.

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