NCT Test Once a Year for Older Cars

From June 1st, owners of cars 10 years or older will have to undergo an NCT test every year – instead of  every two years. There have already been people moaning about this – but why not just make it an annual test for all vehicles?  A lot can happen to a car in 2 years – so why wait that long before testing it?
In the UK – their MOT tests are done once a year on all vehicles and cost £54.85 a time for a car. The NCT here costs €50  (about £44)

Before the NCT started in 2000 – we all know there were some old bangers and dangerous cars out on the road.  For the sake of safety – the NCT is a good thing and doing it once a year on older cars is a good idea. For some drivers – the NCT is the only thing that makes them get their car looked at – so making it annual for eveyone would not be a bad idea. What do you think?  Add your comments below..

(Cars registered before 1980 don’t need to have an NCT test at all !)

9 thoughts on “NCT Test Once a Year for Older Cars

  1. “A lot can happen to a car in 2 years – so why wait that long before testing it?”

    A lot can happen to a car in 6 months so why not make it every six months seeing as you are so keen to foist this shameless stealth tax on all of us….you really must think we have money trees growing in the garden??

  2. “…Always look on the bright side of life…”

    Good luck with convincing people that a sinking ship is actually a good thing…

  3. can the N.C.T centre be held liable in any shape or form in the case of an accident resulting from worn parts on a recently passed car?? if not why bother with it??

    • Car owners are responsible for the state of their vehicles. The NCT test is to make sure the car meets minimum standards.

  4. I think you’ll find the NCT test is to get us to buy new cars and drive money into tax coffers via motor dealers and also give a dig out to the politicians pals.
    In the meantime there is also a sinister side to failing cars for more and more simple things that are not dangerous to anyone, that of getting us all to sign up for new cars with all the associated tracking technology so they can keep an eye on what we do.
    Remember, you can’t trust the simple people, that’s why we need superior over lords to tell us what to think and do.

    John is right, it’s another stealth tax and also an extension of the Nanny (read fascist) State.
    What ever happened to personal responsibility?

  5. car owners are responsible for their own cars, i accept that to a degree, but another cope-out of responsibility by our wonderful state???

  6. scam, scam , scam only designed to take more tax of people and to sell more cars.
    Think you find it would be the likes of SIMI who are behind this in order to control prices of used car market

  7. Couple of things – 1. At present, if you miss the test by more than a month and your car is +10 years old you only get 1 year NCT – what’s the logic of that? 2. In many smaller centres the delay is more thn 2 months for a test, so what effect will a yearly test have??

    The second issue means that many people who’s nearest centre is small are only getting a one year cert for a 10+ year old car ‘cos they cannot get a test within a month of their current cert running out…..

  8. I believe its a good thing to test car safety but these tests are failing for unrealistic reasons. We need honest regulation if we ever want to get out of the current economic mess not greedy pocket liners.

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