How Much is the Average Electricity Bill in Ireland ?

When householders start looking into the high cost of their electricity bills – it can be useful to know how their actual electricity usage compares to others. But – just how much is the average electricity bill in Ireland?

We all use electricity in our homes – and electricity bills can make up a big part of annual household expenditure. Overall electricity usage per appliance is dropping as appliances become more energy efficient – but the increasing number of electrical gadgets and appliances in our homes is also helping to keep electricity consumption higher.

Recent electricty usage figures  , produced by the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) ,  found  that 4200kWh is now the  “official” average annual electricity usage for households in Ireland. (March 2017).

Based on “standard” charging rates from the biggest provider – Electric Ireland – the average usage of 4200 kWh electricity a year would result in an annual electricty bill of €970.
This would work out at as an average electricity bill of €162  for each 2 monthly bill – inclusive of VAT PSO and standing charges.

The CER figure of 4200 kWh electricity usage per year is an average for all households – but obviously not all households are “average” .
The usage for a 2 bed apartment with 2 occupants will be different to that of a 4 bedroomed house with 6 occupants. A home with gas for heating and hot water will use less electricity than one that uses electricity for  heating and hot water.   Also – homes that are occupied for only a few hours a day will require less electricity than homes that are used all day.

We we have estimated what might  be typical electricity usage and bills for different types of households .

Average Electricity Bills in Ireland

Type of
Is this an All Electric Household? Typical
 1 or 2  Bed
 No 2000 €594 € 99
1 0r 2 Bed
 Yes 5000 €1109 € 185
 2 Bed  Semi
 No 3000 €765 € 127
 3/4 Bed Semi
 No 4000 €936 € 156
 3/4 Bed Detatched
 No 6000 €1281 € 214
 4/6 Bed Detached No 8000  €1623  €270

Prices are based on Electric Ireland’s Urban 24 hr Tariff – Standard Rate. (Pay on receipt of bill) – checked November 2017

Cheaper electricity deals are usually available for new customers who switch suppliers   – for example -a household on Electric Ireland’s standard rates using 4200kWh per year could cut their electricity bill by as much as €201 in the first 12 months by switching supplier. That’s a 20% cut.

For more details – see our page on where to switch to  get  the Best Electricity Deals