More Gas and Electricity Price Increases on the Way

Flogas  increased  gas charges from November 1st by 9.8%, which meant an annual increase of €80 for average usage households.   Flogas already raised rates on 1 August this year , with customers seeing the average gas bill rise by almost €93.

Panda Power also increased electricity and gas prices by 11.1% with effect from Nov 5th 2018 . The increase will add €99.32 onto the average annual electricity bill and €74.88 onto the average annual gas bill. Panda Power last raised prices this  July, (gas prices by 5% and electricity prices by 5.9%)

The pre-payment energy company , Pinergy ,  increased  electricity prices by  7.89% from 7th November. This increase will add €66.04 onto the average annual electricity bill.  In August, Pinergy increased its electricity prices by 9.38%, which saw a €71.76 rise.

SSE Airtricity  will increase prices on December 3rd – adding €61.36 to the average annual electricity bill and €52.52 to the average annual gas bill. This is a 6.3% increase for electricity and 6.9% increase for gas which amounts to €114 being added on to the average annual dual fuel energy bill.

Energia  will increase prices from January 1st 2019 , adding €61.88 to the average annual electricity bill and €55.64 to the average annual gas bill . (An average of 5.9%)

Electric Ireland have promised not to increase energy prices until at least March 2019.

We have yet to hear anything from Bord Gais Energy and BE Energy.

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Fixed Rate Energy

There is only one supplier that offers fixed rates on  electricity in Ireland – and that is Just Energy. Their current offer has fixed rates for 12 months. It is currently not the cheapest – but if prices keep rising twice a year – would you be  better off in the long run by switching to them ?
For average usage – the Just Energy fixed rate deal works out at €950 a year.

The current cheapest deal from Electric Ireland  works out at €811 over the next 12 months  including their €150 cashback offer. But even if they apply increases of  7% to unit rates in March 2019   – this would only see Electric Ireland’s  prices rise by about €56 over 12 months. (Making the total annual bill  €867 , inc cashback))

This is still  a lot lower than the Just Energy fixed rate deal – and it leaves room for another increase of at least 10% before it starts to get near the Just Energy price.

So – in our opinion , the fixed rate deal is probably not going to save you anything unless  prices rise by more than 20% between now and early 2020.


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