Ministers Salary Cuts in Budget 2010

The 2010 Budget announced that the  salaries of Ministers and Secretaries General of government departments will be reduced by 15% and the  Taoiseach’s salary will be reduced by 20%.

In the Budget speech – Brian Lenihan made it sound like it was a  bigger cut when he said ..

“those at the top would lead by example in the downward adjustment of pay. He said the largest percentage reduction would be taken by the Taoiseach, who will face a 20 per cent cut in salary. He said that this reduction in addition to the pension levy introduced earlier this year meant that the Taoiseach’s salary will be cut by close to 30 per cent in total”

Of course – that was misleading because he was including the pension levy in that 30% and also the voluntary 10% pay cut taken in  2008 . This 30% figure will probably be printed and published all over the world – and everyone will assume it is the truth.

The Taoiseach’s salary will actually fall from €257,024 to €228,466 – a cut of €28,558, or 11%.

Ministers’ salaries will fall from €202,676 to €191,417 – a cut of €11,259, or 5.5%.

All Cabinet members took a voluntary 10% cut after  the October 2008 Budget. This reduced the Taoiseach’s salary from €285,582 to €257,024 and a minister’s salary from €225,196 to €202,676. But because these were “voluntary” pay cuts,  their “official” salary levels were still recorded at €285,582 and €225,196 respectively – even though they were getting less.

TDs and senators will also see their pay reduced in line with that of the equivalent public service grades. A  TD on the basic salary of €100,190 will see their pay fall by €7,519 to €92,671.

Note: The UK  prime minister’s salary is £194,250  – which is about €214,000

2 thoughts on “Ministers Salary Cuts in Budget 2010

  1. I’m not to sure that de valera or collins or any man who, for that matter, died to make this country a free one, did so so that these guys could make their money off us formly working people.

  2. 3 years ago Brian Cowan was given a €36,000 pay rise,
    His wage decrease is an insult. Him self and the rest of the ministers should go on the new minimum wage and give them selfs a reality check. If we make mistakes in our place of imployment we have to pay up and sort it out they should be made do the same

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