May Bank Holiday Welfare and Pension Payments

Friday May 1st  2020 is a Bank Holiday in Europe but not in Ireland. This affects SEPA bank payments – so any welfare payments due to be paid into banks/credit unions on Friday, May 1st should arrive instead on Thursday 30th April.

Monday May 4th 2020 is a Public Holiday and a Bank Holiday in Ireland  . All banks and  Post Offices will be closed on 4th May 2020.
So this should mean that welfare payments due on Monday 4th May should also be paid into accounts on Thursday 30th April.

See a full list of Bank Holidays in Ireland Here

Payment Arrangements for Welfare and Pensions:

Remember – all welfare and pension payments are fortnightly now – so not all payments will be affected by this Bank Holiday.

Payment via the Post Office

Payments due on Monday 4th May can be collected on Friday May 1st or Saturday 2nd May. (Many Post Offices may close at lunch-time on Saturday 2nd May).
Payments due on Tuesday 5th May should not be affected.

Payments directly to bank accounts or Credit Unions

Any welfare payments due to be paid into banks/credit unions on Friday, May 1st should be paid instead on Thursday 30th April.

Payments due on Monday 4th May should also be paid into accounts on Thursday 30th April.

Covid Emergency Payment:

This is due into bank accounts on Tuesday May 5th. Because of the 2 bank holidays , it will be processed on Wednesday instead of Friday – so it will still be there by Tuesday … it will not be paid early.

Child Benefit is also due on Tuesday 5th May 2020 . This should arrive in bank accounts on the usual day . In some cases it might possibly arrive early depending on your bank. (Saturday or even Thursday ). But don’t rely on this happening.
Post Office payments should be unaffected.

Note – (Friday May 8th is a Bank Holiday in UK/ Northern Ireland this year)

53 thoughts on “May Bank Holiday Welfare and Pension Payments

  1. Re Fuel Allowance.

    I usually receive my FA payment weekly and understood that it was being extended by 5weeks and to be paid as a lump sum. Having checked my bank account I seem to only have received 3weeks further payment. Can you confirm this is correct and the further 2weeks will be paid on w/c 4th May?


      • The last time I got paid was Friday 10th April my next payment should be Monday 27th april so I’ll be getting double payment on the 27th and the 1st May?

      • Payments are fornightly. If your next one is due 27th April – the following one will be 2 weeks later – May 11th.

      • I got payed job seekers double 27th so will I get payed double today may 5th

  2. if due a sick benefit payment on tuesday 5th may will this be done on the day or are they added early for the bank holiday

    • As stated – only Friday and Monday payments are expectd to be paid early

  3. If you are due covid-19 payment on the Tuesday 5th will this payment come early the same as it did for Easter on the Friday before the bank holiday?

      • But as tuesdays payment is into the bank and the banks are closed on Friday and Monday, does this mean that they will have to process the payment Thursday night rather than Monday night so it hits my account by Tuesday?

        For a payment to hit the bank on a Tuesday it is normally sent on a Monday and hits my account at 11:30pm on the Monday night, so I would have thought that the payment would be sent Thursday and hit my account t Thursday night at 11:30pm as surely it can’t be sent on Monday with it being a bank holiday

      • You could be right – but I don’t want to say payments will be early and then get blamed if they are not.
        It should be there by Tuesday – It might be later than usual on Tuesday.
        Of course – there is the chance that they are late processing payments and it doesn’t arrive till Wednesday?

  4. Recieved double payment yesrerday the receipt says payment date 20th April to May 5th ! As yesterday was the 27th I am confused as to why it didnt say 27th April to 11th May ? Had said arrears in the payment type part on the receipt ?

    • Must be one week in arrears one week inadvance. What’s the problem- as long as you get two weeks pay every 2 weeks ?

  5. If you receive covid payment is that early? My partner receives x and os on a Tuesday but on bank Holidays receives his money a day late is that the same as covid payment

    • It is not expected to be early or late. There is a very small chance it could arrive on Thursday – this week – but just expect it Tuesday.

  6. Hi I got one week Covid payment from social do I get another this week

  7. I’ve checked this with social welfare all covid 19 payments will be in everyone’s account Friday morning

    • I’ve been told different. It is been processed today – but the aim is to get it there for Tuesday. It can’t arrive on Friday or Monday because they are bank holidays (Fri Europe – Mon Here). It is possible that some people may get it early – but that would be Thursday or Saturday. best to assume Tueday and any earlier is a bonus.

  8. Are disability allowance payments for 6th of may available on the 5th

  9. If your child benefit is paid into the post office will it be there on fri or sat does anyone know please

  10. Can the Post Office give an early payment of Disability Allowance on Tuesday 5th May instead of Wednesday the 6th?

  11. Hi I’m on jobseekers allowance are we still getting paid on the Tuesday or do we have to wait till the Wednesday cause of the bank holiday

  12. I’m on casual claim and was meant to be paid today may 5th but I wasn’t, could this have something to do with the bank holiday?

    • Casual jobseekers are always a day late after a bank holiday.

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