M50 Toll : Penalty Charges

Since August 30th 2008 a “barrier free” tolling system called eFlow was introduced on the M50 in Dublin . There are three payment  options for drivers  (cash at the toll plaza is NOT one of them.)

a)You can register for a tag from one of the several suppliers and be charged €2.10 per journey.
b) you can register your car for a video recognition account and pay €2.60 per journey.
c) If you don’t register for a tag account or register your number plate for a video recognition account – you will have to pay €3.10  each time.(by 8pm the next day!)

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How do you Pay?
The cameras will record your registration number as you pass through. You will then owe eFlow €3.10 Euro. This can either be paid

a) online at eflow.ie
b) Pay over the phone   (from Ireland): 1890 50 10 50 or  01 4610011 or From UK / NI: 0845 30 15 405

International phone number: +800 50 10 50 11 or +353 1 4610122

c) You can pay at shops  in Ireland that are signed up to the Payzone system – there are hundreds of them all over Ireland.

M50 Toll – Penalty Charges and Fines: If you don’t pay the €3.10 euro before 8pm the day after you use the M50 – you will be charged another €3. If this new total of €6.10 is not paid within another 14 days – you will be charged another late payment charge of  €41 . Failure to pay the now €47.10 euro due within a further 56 days will result in an additional €102.50 penalty being applied.
The grand total after 10 weeks will now be €149.60 Euro .

After that –  if you still have not paid the amount due – legal proceedings will be initiated. So save money – and pay quickly.

Not a bad margin there by eFlow – €3.10 increasing to €149.60  in 71 days . That’s about 5000 percent increase on the initial charge.

With plenty of non Dublin drivers on the way to the airport for holidays – this is a big earner for Eflow . Why do we put up with it?

Figures Valid as at June 2017

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  1. unreal still going on today in 2010 nobody is doing nothing about this…how are the getting away with this?

  2. Whilst I agree with the sentiment, it is rather obvious that you have to pay.

  3. Assuming that you have no problem with Direct Debits, even a very occasional user is covered.

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