Lowest Pre Pay Mobile Call Charge Rates

Which provider has the lowest Pre Pay Mobile Call Charges  ?

There are probably dozens of different mobile plans , deals or bundles in Ireland – it is hard to work out which is the best.  A recent UK survey found that mobile phone users waste billions of  pounds a year by paying for mobile packages or bundles that are more than they need. Others don’t buy enough minutes  or data in their bundles and then end up spending more money on high rate calls outside of the bundles.

Some people , especially the more elderly ,  might just want a mobile mainly for receiving calls and only making a small number of calls. They might not want or need texts or data . For someone not on a special deal or minimum top up bundle –  making a call from a “pay as you go” mobile can cost as much as 35c  a minute . So for €10 credit you might only get 28 minutes of calls at that rate !

If you don’t want to have phone contracts or buy bundles that you know you will not fully use and will just expire after 1 month  – then you need to know which mobile network has the lowest price per minute for calsl on prepay:

Lycamobile charge 9c per minute for landline calls and 29c per minute for mobile calls . These were the lowest “out of bundle”  call rates we found. By comparison – Meteor  charge 35c/min for all calls ; Tesco charge 32c/min and Three charge 38c per minute for all calls on prepay.

We also  checked some of the cheapest Pay as You Go “bundle” options available for someone not making a large amount of phone calls . We checked prices of bundles that would allow up to 300 minutes of calls a month to mobiles and landlines).  (These type of top up deals usually require an opt in text and expire after 1 month and any unused credit is not carried forward.

Lycamobile  have one of the the lowest priced options  : For €9 on Lycamobile  you  get  450 mins of calls to mobiles and landlines  plus 450 texts  in a month. For €15 you can get unlimited calls plus 10gb and you get to keep the €15 credit to buy texts or extras.

A payment of €10 on 48Months -will get you 300 mins of Calls to Irish mobiles , 60 mins of  landline calls , “unlimited” texts and 1Gb of data for a month.

€10 on Meteor gets you “unlimited” any network calls for a month (no data or texts) Unlimited means 5000 minutes for Meteor on PrePay.

€15 on Tesco Mobile  gets you  “unlimited” calls with the €15 credit to use on something else. (Max 400 minutes of calls per day)

€15 on Id gets you 300  mins of calls and 30Gb data and teh €15 credit can be used on texts.

€20 a month  on Vodafone will get you “unlimited” calls and texts plus 1Gb data. (5000 minutes)

If you don’t go for one of these  provider’s bundles and just top up and use the credit as and when you need it  – then  250 minutes of  calls in a month could cost you around  €75  ! (based on an average call charge of 30c a minute.) . That’s just 8 minutes a day.

lowest pre pay call costs

Figures checked  May 2017

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