Best SIM Only Plans Ireland

There are so many different plans and deals around  for mobile phones it can get very confusing and as a result , many people tend to  stay with their existing network because they just can’t be bothered to change. In 2018 you should think about switching you mobile provider – it could save you a lot of money. You can get unlimited calls and texts with 15Gb of data for as little as €15 a month.

If you use a Pay as You Go mobile phone “plan”  – it can be very easy to lose track of spending and get through €40 or more a month in top ups .   Even with Billpay –  with some of the cheaper billpay mobile phone contracts – the inclusive  “free” minutes are only 100 or 200 – which can be easily exceeded and you can end up with a bigger bill than you expected at the end of every month.

Going over your inclusive minutes on a billpay plan will typically cost you €10.50 for every extra 30 minutes of calls you make. (based on typical charge of 35c per min).

One way to prevent unexpected large bills for mobile charges is to try and get a package that offers unlimited calls, data and texts . Then you will never be worried about  going over any limits. These days you don’t have to sign up for really long contracts to get unlimited calls/texts .

Best SIM only Plans Ireland

It’s easier to compare SIM only plans  rather than mobile plans  that include the purchase of a phone . When a phone is included in the deal –  the monthly charge will vary depending on the up-front amount paid for the phone , the length of the contract and the type of phone.

Most mobile networks in Ireland now offer billpay SIM only 30 day plans. You just put the new SIM in your existing unlocked mobile phone. You can usually keep your old number to make the change easier.  You will need to set up monthly payments by direct debit.

We have done a comparison of some of the  best SIM – only billpay 30 day contracts with  high quotas of  calls and data.

SIM Only Bill Pay Deals Compared

Network Charge per Month Call Minutes Texts Data
Id Mobile
€24.50 10,000 250 30GB
Virgin (*) €25 Unlimited
Tesco €25 Unlimited
Eir(**) €25 Unlimited
Three €30 Unlimited
Vodafone €30 Unlimited Unlimited 5Gb

You can see that the definition of unlimited varies quite a bit – and is not really unlimited with any provider. However –  ten thousand minutes a month is about 5 and a half hours a day – so if anyone thinks they need more than that –  then they should get out more !

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Virgin  (*)     also  have a special offer of just €15 a month for the first 6 months if you are already a Virgin broadband or TV customer. You can see details and prices of all  Virgin’s SIM only deals over on

Eir  (**)   Price reduced to €25 for first 6 months – normally €30

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Figures checked December 2017