Cheap International Phone Calls from Ireland

It might be surprising to some people  just how cheap some international call rates are from some Irish mobile phone networks. With most out of bundle calls to mobile networks here in Ireland costing around 20c to 35c  per minute – you would expect calls to the USA or Australia to be a lot more  expensive than that … wouldn’t you?

The surprising thing is – that on some Irish mobile networks you can make calls to mobile phones in countries such as the USA for just 2 cent per minute.   That is less than the cost of making a call to another mobile here in Ireland ! These low international rates don’t require you to be on long contracts or to purchase minimum amounts of top -up – these cheap rates are often available to pay as you go customers.

Lycamobile  provide low prices for many international calls – and they are a popular choice for many immigrants who need to make regular calls to friends and family abroad .   Lycamobile can be a lot cheaper than the “main” providers – especially on calls to some of the more “exotic countries” – in  Africa and Asia.
Lycamobile have the lowest call rates for  Nigeria ,Australia , USA , UK  and Poland

Some sample International Call Rates from Irish Mobiles to Mobile Phones in other countries.
(Pay as You Go Tariff). Prices are per minute. Some networks require you to opt in to the lower rates by texting a request. Cheapes rates in bold.

Country Lycamobile Vodafone Eir  Tesco Three
Australia 9c  30c 12c 15c 51c
USA 2c 15c 2c 15c 35c
Poland 1c 25c 11c 15c 35c
Nigeria 9c 30c 12c 50c 35c
UK 9c 30c 20c 10c 35c

The above international call rates were compared in late 2017 using figures from the mobile providers international tariffs from their websites. Lycamobile were the cheapest rates for all the countries chosen.

A 10 minute call to Poland would cost €3.50 on Three but would only cost 10c on Lycamobile .

TheEir rates require opting in to “international”
The cheapest Lycamobile rates require a free opt in text message.

FREE Calls to UK

Some landline providers offer free calls to the UK as part of their phone and broadband package. If you call the UK a lot – it could be worthwhile switching. Digiweb’s Fibre Broadband and Home Phone package. It includes 1500 minutes of calls to both Irish and UK  mobiles . It also includes 6000 minutes of calls to landlines here in Ireland or the UK. More details and prices here.

Read more about cheap calls to the UK from landlines here.

If you have a landline and you need to make a lot of international calls to landlines  – it might be worth switching your phone line to Sky. You don’t need to get Sky TV to have their phone service , they  just use the same phone lines as Eircom etc.
As part of their phone  service , Sky offer free landline calls to several international destinations  (Landlines only)  (Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA. (the deal also includes free calls to mobiles in Canada and USA)

The charge for the “anytime” service  is €62.50 a month including line rental and all calls to landlines in Ireland and UK. Unlimited Broadband  is also included –
Find out more by visiting the Sky Ireland page on

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  1. Best way to call UK from a mobile is to get 3 UK sim and put it in an unlocked phone. Calls are 10c per minute and txts are also 10c. Topups can be a bit of a hassle (3 won’t accept Irish Credit cards) but are sold on Ebay.

  2. It is possible to ring any phone ( mobile or otherwise) using a skype account from you mobile or land line. Cost is the local phone call cost usually included minutes if on mobile, plus the skype charge which varies depending on country you are calling. You need to have a skype account.

    • Thanks Dermot – we will be doing further investigations into Skype and other VOIP products soon to see if costs are any cheaper.

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