Overdraft Charges Ireland

An overdraft is an additional amount of money that is drawn down from a current account when it is in debit. Overdrafts are generally supposed to a short-term facility used to temporarily increase your cashflow.

Most banks charge a fee for putting an agreed overdraft facility in place and the same again annually to renew the facility.  The charge for this can range from

  • €30 at Bank Of Ireland
  • €25 at PTSB
  • €25.39 at AIB
  • €25 at KBC

EBS don’t do overdrafts.

Interest Rates on agreed Overdrafts.
Interest rates on agreed overdrafts range from –

11.85% at AIB to 15.55 at Ulster Bank.

(BOI 13.25% , KBC 13.5% , PTSB 15% )

Unauthorised Overdraft Interest rates .

The Banks have interest surcharges for unagreed overdrafts – these can be as much as an extra 12% – bring the rate up to a fairly massive 27% in the case of PTSB. This is the highest overdraft interestrate  of all the Irish banks. Ulster is next at 25.55% followed by AIB at 23.85% and  KBC at 21.5% and then BOI at 20.45%

Overdrafts are best avoided if at all possible as they are an expensive way of borrowing money – especially if you go go overdrawn without a formal agreement. You would pay lower rates on some credit cards.

Instead of an overdraft, it would even be worth considering a personal loan. See the lowest rates for personal loans .

(Figures correct as at February 2019 )

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