How Much do Calls to 1890 Numbers Cost ?

Making phone calls to any of the  so called “Lo Call” 1890 numbers will usually end up costing many consumers a lot more than if they rang a normal landline number.

These “lo call” numbers were introduced years ago when all we had was Eircom landlines with no bundles of free call minutes. The rate was meant to be the equivalent of a local call which was cheaper than a “national” call.  But – now that most people have mobile phones or landline telephone packages with call minutes included – the “Lo Call”  idea is just not working. In some cases it should really be known as “Hi Call” !

All the mobile networks and the landline providers currently don’t include 1890 numbers in their bundled  “free” calls – so you end up paying for them even when you have unlimited call minutes included in your plan.

How Much Does it Cost to Ring an 1890 “Lo Call” number?
(Rate shown is cents per minute)

UPC   4c (plus 9.5c set up fee)
Eircom     5.2c (plus 9.6c call setup fee)
Tesco Mobile   15c (min charge 15c)
eMobile  15c
Meteor  15 c
Postfone  20c
Three  30 c
Vodafone Mobile    45c (Peak prepay  25c off peak )  25c bill pay

There are still plenty of statutory bodies and  state departments such as Revenue , NCT and Irish Water that are asking people to contact them on 1890 numbers – and sometimes  no alternative number is offered.

There were recent reports of many callers to the 1890 Irish Water helpline waiting 30 minutes  or more for an answer – but this will be after they get through to the automated queuing system and they will be getting charged while they wait. Many people won’t realise the size of the charge until they get their next phone bill.

A 30 minute  peak hours call to 1890  from a Vodafone mobile  would cost €13.50. What’s “lo call” about that.
A Three mobile customer would end up paying  €9.00 for a 30 minute call to an 1890 number !
From an Eircom landline it would cost €1.66 for a 30 minute call to 1890.
UPC   landline customers would be charged the lowest amount (€1.30)

All companies shoud ditch these falsely labelled Lo Call 1890 numbers and just use  normal geographic landline numbers . We would also  suggest that the phone companies should start including 1890 numbers in the inclusive bundles – but  that might never happen because it would mean a big loss of revenue for them.

Many government departments have started using 0761 numbers because they believed that phone providers would treat these as landline numbers and include them in bundles. It turns out that hardly any phone companies include 076  numbers in bundles – so people who think they have unlimited “free” calls end up using credit or getting extra charges on bills. Read more here about 0761 call charges

Property Tax 1890 200 255 – Alternative number –   01 7023049
Irish Water –  numbers here

(Read about price of 1850 Calls Here)

Prices checked Sept 2015