Cash for Old Mobile Phones

With new models of smart phones coming out all the time  – most Irish homes will  probably have a few old unused mobile phones sitting around in drawers. Some of those old  unwanted mobile phones can be recycled for cash .

If you live in Ireland or the UK and your old mobile is working, is less than 4 years old , has a battery, is of European or UK spec and is not barred – you can exchange it at Envirofone for Money. Payable by bank transfer or cheque.
sell your old mobile phone
You can get an instant online quote  for your old phone at the Envirofone Website  . If you are happy with the price – then you then just post your old phone (Freepost) to them .  After Envirofone check the condition of the phone matches what you said – they will  send you the agreed price.  You can also opt to donate any proceeds to a charity.

They sell refurbished phones too .

If you have old phones that are more than 4 years old you can still send them FREE for recycling but you won’t get cash.