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Fixed rates on mortgages and savings have been around for years – but the availability of fixed rates on energy in Ireland is not that common. One company that does offer fixed rates is Just Energy.

All the energy companies in Ireland have increased prices during 2018 – and now it looks like there will be another round of increases this winter.

Flogas and Panda Power put prices up in November ;   Airtricity in December and Energia in Jan 2019 .


The current dual fuel fixed rate option that is available from Just Energy-    through the Switcher website  –  would work out at €1638 for average gas and electricity usage over one year.  Their unit rates are fixed for 12 months.

By comparison – the current best dual fuel offer is from Energia – and works out at €1483 over the next 12 months  including their cashback offer.   Energia are increasing prices on Jan 1st 2019 – but even after that increase the Energia annual price will be €1567 – after the €50 cashback. So it will still be cheaper then Just Energy . Even if Energia have another 5% increase within 12 months  – it will still be cheaper than Just Energy’s fixed rate offer.

This offer is only available on the Energia website using the promo code CHEAPDUAL . You will get €50 cashback and 29% off their standard electricity rate and 28% off their gas rates for a year.


Prices correct as at December 1st 2018

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  1. Am not sure how u figure out the yearly costs, but why do u not just list out the unit cost of each company?

    • The figures include cashback offers for new customers – so the company with the lowest unit rate might not work out as the cheapest overall.

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