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Fixed rates on mortgages and savings have been around for years – but the availability of fixed rates on energy in Ireland is not that common. One company that does offer fixed rates is Just Energy.

All the energy companies in Ireland increased prices during 2018 – and now it looks like there will be another round of increases this Autumn.

Flogas and Panda Power will be putting prices up in November – and we expect other suppliers to do the same.

(These increases are to the standard rates – but there will sometimes  be lower prices available for new customers who switch provider.)

The current dual fuel fixed rate option that is available from Just Energy-    through the Switcher website  –  would work out at €1707 for average gas and electricity usage over one year.  (Their unit rates are fixed for 24 months.)

By comparison – the current best dual fuel offer is from Energia – and works out at €1483 over the next 12 months  including their cashback offer. (But if rates rise – this will increase).  We estimate that a 9% rise would increase the Energia price to about €1593 – still cheaper then Just Energy . Even if Energia have another 5% increase – it will still be cheaper than Just Energy’s fixed rate offer.


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2 thoughts on “Fixed Price Gas and Electricity

  1. Am not sure how u figure out the yearly costs, but why do u not just list out the unit cost of each company?

    • The figures include cashback offers for new customers – so the company with the lowest unit rate might not work out as the cheapest overall.

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