Extra Help For People Out of Work due to COVID-19

The Government’s Covid 19 emergency support payment for people who have lost their job was announced a couple of weeks ago .

This 12 week payment is going to be increased from €203 a week to €350 a week . The value of the payment is equivalent to a gross income of just under €31,000 for a single person. Self employed can also claim this as well as part time workers and people who were working and claiming other benefits .More details Here

If you have already applied for this before the 24th of March or are already in receipt of the Pandemic Unemployment Payment you do not need to do anything. Your next payment will be a paid at the increased rate.

The Covid Illness Benefit is also going up to €350 a week

Wage Subsidy for Employers

There is a new Wage Subsidy Scheme for Employers . If employers can keep workers on their payroll this scheme might be better for everyone. It applies to staff that may be temporarily not working or those on reduced hours and/or reduced pay.

The scheme is expected to initially run for 12 weeks
More details here

It is estimated that this support scheme could cost up to €4 billion.

7 thoughts on “Extra Help For People Out of Work due to COVID-19

  1. Is it true that you need to have an Irish bank account to receive this emergency payment? I am an EU citizen, just lost my job here in Ireland, but don’t have an Irish bank account because, quite frankly, I never needed one before. Thanks.

  2. Hi. I live with my parents (both in 60s). I cannot go to work and also keep them safe from COVID-19 since I must get multiple buses to and from work each day. If I left my job voluntarily – could I still get the payment? Thanks.

    • There is no reason why you shouldn’t get it. Claim it and claim Jobseekers too which will then be paid if this problem goes on more than 12 weeks.

  3. Hi I get €925.20 fortnightly so how much do I get now fortnightly now it it 350 for each week or what

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