Sterling to Euro Exchange Rate News

Sterling to Euro Exchange Rate (EUR/GBP) Today

July 8th 2020 10:00

Today’s Sterling Euro exchange rate is at £0.9006
This is 8% up from the lowest EUR/GBP exchange rate of the past 12 months. (€0.833 on Dec 14th 2019).

€1 EUR =  £0.9006 GBP

£1 Pound = €1.1104 EUR

€10000 EUR = £9006 GBP

£10000 GBP = €11104 EUR

The Pound struggled in June, because of a combination of a Brexit trade negotiation stalemate and unsupportive Bank of England policy measures.

The first round of ‘intensified’ Brexit trade negotiation talks unexpectedly concluded a day early with the two sides remaining deadlocked. This has coincided with a move lower in the value of Pound Sterling.
Britain’s chancellor Rishi Sunak will announce a ‘mini budget’, on 8th July. Positive news could boost Sterling.

The next test for the Euro will come on 17 July when the EU leaders meet in Brussels to discuss the proposed Covid-19 bailout package. Last week all 27 leaders failed to agree on the package, revealing old fractures among the bloc members.

Anyone holding large amounts of Sterling who is looking to buy Euros is unlikely to see any significant improvement for some time.

This could be a good time to buy Sterling if you want to lock in a good rate. For the best places to carry out currency exchange see our page on where to get the Best Exchange Rates.

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If you are looking to convert large amounts of Euro to Sterling in the future, then now might be a good time to lock in the current exchange rate.
Currency fluctuations can make it a nerve-wracking time for anyone planning to exchange large amounts of Sterling or Euro.

Using a Currency Exchange company can remove some of the uncertainty. Most companies allow you to fix an exchange rate as much as 12 months in advance of your transfer.

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