Euro Sterling Exchange Rate News

Euro to Pound Exchange Rate (EUR/GBP) Today

March 27th 2020 14:00

€1 EUR =  £0.8963 GBP

£1 Pound = €1.1157 EUR

€10000 EUR = £8963 GBP

£10000 GBP = €11157 EUR

Today’s Euro Stg exchange rate is down to £0.8963 after being as high as £0.94 in recent days !
This is 11% up from the lowest EUR/GBP exchange rate of the past 12 months. (€0.833 on Dec 14th 2019)

The British Pound has increased in value over the course of the past 24 hours in line with an improvement in investor sentiment, however Sterling remains vulnerable to the return of bad news as coronavirus numbers in some of the world’s major economies are still only expected to peak in the

Anyone holding large amounts of Sterling who is looking to buy Euros are unlikely to see any significant improvement for some time.

On 26th March – Barclays Pound-to-Euro exchange rate forecast was €1.0750 by the end of June, €1.0870 by the end of September and €1.10 by year-end

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If you are looking to convert large amounts of Euro to Sterling in the future – or any other currency , then now might be a good time to lock in the current exchange rate.

Currency fluctuations can make it a nerve-wracking time for anyone planning to exchange large amounts of Sterling or Euro. You will always be worrying about “when is the best time to buy Sterling” or “is it a good time to buy Euros”.

Using a Currency Exchange company can remove a lot of the uncertainty by allowing you to fix an exchange rate as much as 12 months in advance of your transfer.

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