Sterling to Euro Exchange Rate News

Sterling to Euro Exchange Rate Today: August 19th 2019 14.45

1 GBP = 1.0927 EUR
1 EUR =  0.9149 GBP

Before last week – Sterling had fallen for 14 consecutive weeks against the Euro, but last week it rose by 2% .
The Pound-to-Euro exchange rate went to a 10-day high at 1.098 on Friday after moves by the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties to topple the Boris Johnson Government and replace it with a caretaker cross-party Government to delay Brexit.

The current pound euro exchange rate is still a significant drop of 7.4% from the level of €1.1801 seen in the middle of March 2019.

Rabobank’s 3-month forecast for the Pound-to-Euro exchange rate is €1.11. But – should a ‘no deal’ Brexit occur, Rabobank sees the Pound-to-Euro exchange rate falling to parity.

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Is now a good time to buy Sterling?
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For those interested in the Euro Dollar exchange rate.

1 EUR = 1.109515 USD
1 USD = 0.9013 EUR