Sterling Euro Exchange Rate News

Sterling Euro Exchange Rate Today : January 22nd 2020 08:00

1 GBP = 1.1772 EUR

1 EUR =  0.84873 GBP

After the UK election results, Sterling jumped in value – hitting a high of €1.2076 early on Dec 13th. This was a 3 year high against the Euro.
Since the UK election the Pound has fallen , losing about 2.57% against the Euro.

This week – Sterling was not helped by to comments made by UK Chancellor Sajid Javid in the Financial Times on Saturday that Britain would not commit to EU rules in post Brexit trade talks. The chances of a Bank of England interest rate cut is also keeping Sterling lower.

Some analysts expect Sterling might drop back to the €1.12 level in the next 6 months if Brexit talks are not going well.
Expect more volatility as Brexit developments continue in 2020 – especially if the option of a no deal Brexit increases.

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