Euro Sterling Exchange Rate Update

Euro Sterling Exchange Rate  : July 18th  2017 10am

1 GBP = 1.128635 EUR
1 EUR = 0.886026 GBP

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Today, Sterling fell against the Euro with the exchange rate going as low as €1.12.  Lower than expected UK inflation figures were the main reason for this – lower inflation will mean less of  a chance of UK interest rates being increased.

Sterling slipped below €1.14 against the  Euro  earlier  this month  after worse than expected UK Manufacturing figures.

Tho months a go  weeks ago a  EURO was worth  £0.8453 GBP.  Today , the Sterling to Euro exchange rate was  closer to  £0.89

Sterling is not seen as an attractive option for investors at the moment, especially with Brexit still dominating the news. If the initial  talks do not run smoothly we could easily see the GBP/EUR rate  come under even more pressure, and it would not take much to see exchange rates down at the €1.10 level we witnessed last year.

With so much  uncertainty in the currency markets at the moment –  it could get very stressful for people or businesses planning large Euro / Sterling exchanges in the next few months.   We are likely to be entering a period of heightened volatility which, depending on your timescales and budget, could cause problems if you are not properly prepared.

Using a Currency Exchange specialist  can remove some of the uncertainty by allowing you to fix an exchange rate as much as 12 months in advance of your transfer.  For good deals on large amounts of currency exchange –  for personal money or  for businesses – see our page on how to get the Best Exchange Rates

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2 thoughts on “Euro Sterling Exchange Rate Update

  1. The scaremongering comments from the likes of Goldman Sachs saying that Sterling could fall by up to 20% against the Euro if Britain votes to leave the EU, are very misleading and incorrect. On the contrary – if the UK leaves the EU, it will lead ultimately to the EU collapsing without the UKs payments of £350 million a week and as other countries also start to leave the union. This will have dire effect on the value of the euro currency, it will more like 2 euro to the £ by then. Countries will return to their old currencies when the EU collapses, eg Lira etc. In Ireland’s case when it returns to the punt, it is likely to be devalued by at least 20% compared to the current Euro value. People will queuing like mad to get their money out of the euro banks, there will be a run on the euro for sure. These commentators have not considered this scenerio. Therefore if one is waiting to change their £ into Euros for Irish use it would be best to wait until ther collapse of the EU. The £ sterling by then will be a reserve currency against the former EU countries currencies. If however the UK does not vote to leave the EU, then the £ will still rise some as the uncertainty will have vanished. Either way, if you can afford to, waiting until after the referendum is over is the best idea. If you really need to exchange £ to Euros now, take a punt…. No pun intended!

    If you want £ from euro, buy some while the euro is still sorth something…

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