Euro to Sterling Exchange Rate News

Euro Pound Sterling Exchange Rate Today: November 14th 2019 10:00

1 GBP = 1.16850 EUR
1 EUR =  0.85572 GBP

The Pound rose against the Euro, Dollar and other major currencies earlier his week after the odds of a Conservative Party majority were raised following the decision by the Brexit Party to not contest existing Conservative seats. Today the GBP/EUR exchange rate reached a high of 1.1686, its highest level since May 2019.

There is the possibility of a formal deal between the Conservatives and the Brexit Party which – would leave the Brexit Party targeting just 40 key seats . If this is agreed we expect further increases in Sterling.

The highest the Pound reached against the Euro in the past 365 days was €1.1801 achieved on 14-03-2019. Today’s exchange rate is 1% lower than that.

Even with a deal – there will be limits to the Pound’s rise because Brexit will still subject the UK economy to frictions and disruptions.

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